Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 390

Darmstadt, the city of mixed populations

Jehovah's Witnesses are working to it internationally

From a pedestrian point of view, Darmstadt consists of Muslims and blacks and a rest who have lived here for a long time. And the rest, those who have lived here for some time, radiate a rather stupid and apathetic superficiality. Those who have been living here for some time go to buy bread rolls and hurry to go home inconspicuously. Those who have not been living here for so long enjoy their new position. It is wonderful to take possession of the scenery in Germany. The whole thing stinks of Freemasonry. Mixing the races is absolutely important to realize the Masonic demand "All (godless) people become brothers".

The Watchtower Doctrine fully meets the goal of Masonic demands and is proud to overcome all national borders. Murder by bleeding to death is not a problem for them. The destruction of families and the protection of thousands of child abusers are a matter of course for them.

Once the German state has become Islamic, Jehovah's Witnesses will come out big. When you ask a Muslim what he thinks of Jehovah's Witnesses, you get the answer: "No problem. They almost believe the same thing we do."

The MORD.ORG pavilion in Darmstadt was located in a position that was not at all suitable for a possible increase. The three actors of MORD.ORG had no contact with anyone and just stood there and let the time pass. So we walked with the signs through the pedestrian zone of Darmstadt. With what result? Black people understood nothing. Muslims understood nothing. And those who had been living here for some time looked away.

A Baptist who doesn't want to be published (!) had only super-Christian phrases on it, and Renate put a lot of energy into explaining to the man, at least roughly, the heresies of Jehovah's Witnesses. His empty phrases did not stop and my scepticism about his ecumenical attitude remained. Christians of watercolor and whitewash do not care about truth and lies, but love tolerance so much that they simply don't care about lies. This benefits Jehovah's Witnesses and Freemasonry.

A lonely Jehovah's Witness stood all alone far away and distributed tracts promoting MURDER.ORG. When she had read my signs, she grinned broadly and every time she looked at the signs again, that broad embarrassment grin came in her face. The poor woman experienced for the first time that simple facts destroyed her superstitions and exposed her as an accomplice. It took her about 60 seconds to give up her job and walk away.

But one day all the blacks and former Muslims will stand there as Jehovah's Witnesses and understand nothing but the Watchtower doctrine. The new generation is in the works. Of course, it is not possible to prove which circles are working to replace the population. But the emergence of so many blacks in Darmstadt shocks. I said to Renate: "A natural mixture of races is absolutely okay. My brother-in-law is Indian and his sons are a pure stroke of luck for this world. But if the mixture of races is arranged by masonic circles, African nations have to be nearly destroyed in order to set the necessary crowds in motion."

While I am writing this, a black man, who does not live here, but is only a permanent guest, makes a permanent riot by telephoning over my Internet. And yet I cannot hate. These people were only influenced by the dark powers of this world. What I really hate are the Masonic power games that move whole peoples and subject people to the Masonic doctrine. It's a global chess game and the deaths from the artificial conflicts are unimportant.

Well, now I've switched off the Internet (WLAN) and it's quiet. How long does it take for a person to understand that in a shared flat you are not sitting drunk and with your legs apart in the kitchen to make a phone call, but that you are going to your room out of consideration? It is so simple! But the guardian of all black people, who might still find her attractive, moans and nags like a demon. What have they put in my apartment here!

Of course it is quite simple and dangerous to describe these things here. Are these people connected to the Watchtower Society? Are these people smugglers? Do they have the mission to frighten me away by rigorous noise and arbitrary exploitation? Since mid-November 2017 I have been living under this pressure. I have to deal with people whose impudent impertinence and blatant usufructness radiates towards me in the pedestrian precincts of the Masonic-influenced cities. I'm glad for those who can pay ten times the rent so that they don't have to put up with something like that.

The position of an ecumenical Christian is to believe in tolerance as the only and almighty God. It is of course absolutely impossible to criticize and to call the lie a lie and the egomaniac an egomania. This must never happen, because he who names facts does not love! As a tolerant Christian, I must never say anything that could make others think. That is forbidden for tolerance Christians!

With this idiotic attitude most of the people who have lived here for a long time are on their way. Those who have lived here for a long time abhor the conflict and banish the truth from their lives so that they can carry their rolls home in the bag without being bothered. That is truly practical thinking. But it does not go beyond natural farting and burping.

For some time, Jehovah's Witnesses have been dwindling and Christians shining with unconsciousness are increasing. In the last few days, some things have emerged that aim to bring the Watchtower false doctrine closer to the confectioners. This seems to be an important field of work and this matter is completely closed to me. Renate is the one who pulls away the tree trunks like a cold-blooded animal. I am very grateful to her for that. Every single Christian who has his eyes opened to the antichristian Jehovah madness represents a small redemption from convention and the spirit of the times.

There are the following floods of people:

  • People's dulling by a murdering religion
  • People's dulling by zeitgeist and mainstream
  • People's dulling by the media
  • Dulling of the people through Muslim enrichment
  • The dulling of the people through the glorification of black new citizen millions
  • Dulling of the people by ecumenical christians
  • Freemasonry dumbinds the people
  • People dulling by Angela Merkel and these Goering-Dingsbums-Greens

I'm not a racist, I've never hated anyone. But I hate the manipulation by billions and the manipulation by Freemasonry.

If only I could miraculously make it clear to all people what a deception they are falling for! Atheists rock themselves in the money religion. Freemasons, Nazis and Jehovah's Witnesses are building their own world. Ecumenical Christians dream of ideals that they have actually eaten from the hand of Freemasonry. Jehovah idiots don't realize that the name Jehovah was and can never have been the name of God. Esotheric witches whistle and whistle like demons in my apartment.

Is there a more interesting life than that? Build toad fences, plant tomatoes on city roofs, stand under the pavilions of Jehovah's Witnesses, sell cars, be Angela Merkel or Macron! Nothing is more interesting than the truth.


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