Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 389

Speyer almost Jehovah's Witnesses-free

And it's hard to find them in Wiesloch anymore

I met Jehovah's drums in Speyer in the pedestrian precinct far away from his territory, all sad and alone. Later I heard that he had been holding the sermon watch all by himself for the last few days. Now he walked sadly and aimlessly through the pedestrian zone. So there was no confrontation and I sat down on the bench at the Altpoertel and switched on my camera.

The bald Jehovah's Witness from Altpoertel, who is so similar to me, seems to be ill. Let's hope he didn't bleed to death.

On my way home I passed two Jehovah's Witnesses who were standing there incognito, with sunglasses. A young woman spoke to me and said that she liked what I was doing and that I should definitely continue. Then an older man passed by, came back, read the sign "Jehovah God Murders Six-Year-Old from Walldorf" and said I was stupid. Funnily enough, the camera was running again at that moment and the man was filmed with his behavior. Unfortunately I don't know how to pixel faces in a video yet, otherwise I would give this funny video to the best. As soon as I can pixelate faces in videos, I will do that here.

In Wiesloch I wanted to buy a little something. On my way home I passed the post office and a Jehovah's Witness literally froze when he saw me. This lonely man then turned away and looked into the distance as if he was looking for someone. Then he strolled through the area without a watchtower. What must go on in these people that they cannot stand simple facts about their religion?

Once again, I would like to address the issue of blood transfusion in Jehovah's Witnesses on behalf of all public prosecutors around the world. There is no human meat permission in the Bible. Thus, there is no question as to whether human blood may be consumed. The blood doctrine of the Watchtower Society has no justification or basis in the Bible without a human flesh consumption permit. And bearing in mind the fact that not a single Witness drinks Jehovah's blood or even human blood, the only conclusion that remains is that the Watchtower Society introduced its blood doctrine for low motives.

The blood doctrine of Jehovah's Witnesses kills an average of 9,000 people per year worldwide. This may not be sensational compared to the shameful atmosphere of death in the world. But for the individual it is a matter of death. And murder is not time-barred. As soon as it is certain that the blood doctrine for murder has been introduced, the public prosecutor's office must investigate this matter. That's what the law says.

Anyone who knows any other reason than the devilish lust for murder for the blood doctrine of the Jehovah's Witnesses should contact us. The Bible contains nothing that could be used for this blood doctrine, for human blood is never mentioned in the dietary rules. There is also no cannibalism in Jehovah's Witnesses, so there is really nothing left but the pure desire for religiously constructed serial murder.

The events are overtaking each other and Renate and I almost can't keep up any longer to share each other's experiences with Jesus. But we must not let it put us under pressure. It is fascinating to speak the truth and serve it. Even if one is then called stupid by these first-class rational people.


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