Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 111

Jehovah's Witnesses not steadfast – Rich people have to say no for longer time

If you are wealthy and have only been concerned with making money and have a certain lack of information about Jehovah's Witnesses, you should be very careful of Jehovah's Witnesses. Studying the Watchtower literature almost certainly entices the sheep-like advertising forces of the Watchtower Society to recruit particularly rich people as interested. The various ways in which the house and courtyard can be transferred or bequeathed to the Watchtower Society can also be found, as I read in a Jehovah's Witnesses brochure, on the official Watchtower website.

An elderly wealthy woman with a rollator wanted to walk past the Volksbank, in front of which Jehovah's Witnesses always stand with their advertising material. I observed how one of Jehovah's Witnesses did not let this older woman pass her in spite of several defences. As the situation dragged on, I even had enough time to consider going to the old woman and telling her to look after her house. I have reconsidered this idea several times, which means that the harassment of this woman was not a brief moment, but clearly exceeded the normal level of duration and intensity.

After this incident, the two Jehovah's Witnesses had suddenly disappeared. The younger one had seen me and probably asked me to stop the advertising service. Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch are not steadfast. Last Saturday, a Jehovah's Witness even had to be rebuked by a Master-Master-Witness, so that he didn't just leave .

Don't believe the high-gloss watchtower commercials. You will lose your time and money and win a worldwide brotherhood that bleeds people to death because of a deliberate misinterpretation of the Bible. Anyone who enters this religion, which has religious hemorrhage in its program, takes responsibility for these religious murders. It is not the case that a Jehovah's Witness does not bear this responsibility because this connection is not clear to him. The Jehovah's Witnesses' aspirants or interested persons are made aware of these things, and yet the brainwashing of the Watchtower Doctrine produces people who are not even aware of their responsibilities. To participate in this worldwide brotherhood is to aid religious murder. The irresponsibility that affects these people is a phenomenon of perfect brainwashing to which they have been subjected. Does spiritual nebulisation relieve these people of the responsibility for the Watchtower Society's bleeding murders? No, because they sign the blood doctrine the second they go through the first preaching situation, and personally take responsibility for all the dead through Jehovah's bleeding.

Jehovah's Witnesses set up hospital committees to ensure that every candidate for bleeding rejects blood transfusions and is certain to bleed to death. You give these committees the name Hospital Liaison Committee, but better call them Blood Enforcement Committee. Because they make sure that Jehovah's Witnesses who are willing to live are certain to die for the Watchtower doctrine. This psychological coercion, which Jehovah's Witnesses exercise and which leads to physical death, also has fatal consequences in believing in God. Faith in Jesus Christ is no longer possible for Jehovah's Witnesses, because Jesus is imparted to them as a kind of idol whom they are not allowed to worship. But anyone who is not allowed to pray to Jesus cannot accept him as his Lord and Saviour.

The Watchtower religion is a decided religion of annihilation and therefore the conclusion is obvious that God is not its author. Both the physical and the spiritual of every human being who has slipped into this religion of annihilation points to its annihilation. In the Watchtower religion, the real enemy of man, as represented by the Bible, has built up a model example of how man can be led to certain death in the highest piety. And until they are so far, they are excluded by every trick in the book and used as empty pods for the expansion of the worldwide Jehovah's Brotherhood. The Watchtower religion takes everything. Time, material possessions, and the brain. It gives false prophecies, false Bible interpretations, and in addition to the prevented attachment to Jesus, the cream of the crop of responsibility for religious hemorrhage murders – on top of the not forgiven sin.

The forgiveness of sins goes only through Jesus and the acknowledgement of Jesus as Lord and Saviour. Not only do Jehovah's Witnesses not have Jesus, they are not even allowed to speak to Him. Jehovah's Witnesses receive as a gift from the Watchtower Society a spiritual prison and, in addition to natural sin, responsibility for murder. Whoever gets involved with Jehovah's Witnesses has no excuse, because the literature of this religious publishing house is structured in such a way that every halfway critical reader can see through the lie. In the case of a divine judgment no one should be able to talk his way out of his stupidity. The Watchtower literature consciously takes care of this and still has enough power to turn people into fascist worshipers of an organization. But the fact that the excuse of Jehovah's Witness before God and man is implicitly excluded runs like a red thread in the Watchtower literature that testifies to the existence of God and the existence of the enemy of man. The logic of the Watchtower is so pierced that no man will be able to say that I have been deceived. This consistently maintained mode of Watchtower unique logic points to an existing interest in not only separating every single Jehovah's Witness from Jesus forever, but destroying every (existing and non-existent) opportunity to justify or apologize to God for Watchtower insanity.

The perfection of consciously semi-effective seduction maintained throughout time and literature would be meaningless if the Watchtower Society were only a human movement. This repeatedly striking perfection of semi-effective seduction and the perfect shifting of all responsibility back to the individual seduced points to an organization that pursues through and through the interests of the misanthrope. This blind-resistant, sleepwalking fidelity to the Universal Exterminator repeatedly gives rise to the suspicion that Satan really exists. And if he exists, then he is the Lord of this worldwide brotherhood.


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