Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 378

Jehovah's Witnesses Mass Action

We won't be told! We do not listen!

The highest virtue of the Watchtower slaves is spiritual isolation from all that is not the Watchtower. At the station Walldorf-Wiesloch, dear Deutsche Bundesbahn, one could again observe the natural reaction of the bleeding murderers. Why haven't you provided personnel for a long time to protect Jehovah's Witnesses at Walldorf-Wiesloch station as effectively as at Duesseldorf main station? After all, the Deutsche Bundesbahn has a national duty to protect bleeding fascists because they are a public corporation.

Public law therefore requires us to believe every lie and to follow all imagined laws. Public law loves laws of lies that do not exist in the Bible at all, but which are claimed to be absolutely important in order to reach the earthly paradise of giant tomatoes and pumpkins. For public law, masses of Jehovah's Witnesses often bled to death as young people must be accepted as acceptable. For public law, we all watch as the Watchtower Society continues to bleed people to death and recruit more human material for it.

Why can't the Deutsche Bundesbahn break away from mass murder and serial murder, renounce it, beware of being accomplices and supporters?

Germany is the country of capital fascism and likes to supply weapons to everyone. Germany is the country of public law that supports and covers serial murder on a large scale. Germany is the source of murder. Serial murder, mass murder. Even if in some cases Germany only creates the legal basis for it or supplies the necessary weapons. Germany is the source of human extermination, and the European Union is Germany's assistant. The European Union destroys the economies of African countries in a decidedly planned and organised manner. The internal serial murder relationship between Germany and the serial murder Org Watchtower Society demands this. Otherwise German public law would not be able to protect the Watchtower serial murder of Jehovah's Witnesses!

The Jehovah's Witnesses who fled from the truth yesterday were much slower than today's watchtowers. Today's two ladies of the fast bleeding rollator caused real trouble to my modern high-speed camera. The outboard engine of the watchtower cart roared up and the spray ... well, something like that ...

But the Jehovah's Witnesses from Walldorf-Wiesloch station were only a mediocre laughing stock against the spiritual monkey-dance of the Altpoertel Jehovah's Witnesses mummies. The cult of refusal is still most beautifully recited by the two Jehovah's Witnesses at Altpoertel and the perfection of the martyr's blood evenly distributed on the sidewalk leaves nothing to be desired.

This excellent special achievement of the Altpoertel Witnesses Jehovah's Mummies requires appreciation in the form of a comprehensive photographic presentation. In the video you might see this a little better, because the single pictures are shown as in time lapse. If the Titanic were to sink anew every day, it would be a symbol of the Altpoertel Witnesses of Jehovah's Mummies.

When I had once again experienced the customary rite of Watchtower absurdity, I sat down on the bench in front of Deutsche Bank and showed the sign "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". Then I bought a lye roll gratinated with cheese and salami and went for a walk to enjoy this nice breakfast. How beautiful the world is when Jehovah's Witnesses have disappeared! But there they stood again! Not the Jehovah's mummies, but all Jehovah's undead!

I packed the baked roll with cheese and salami into the bag and then into the backpack and dedicated myself to the right and left draped Jehovah's Witnesses. With each glance I discovered more Jehovah's Witnesses and my high-speed camera ran hot. I have by far not published all the photos to finish this website today.

The topic of this Jehovah's Witnesses Mass Action in Speyer was probably: We don't want to be told anything. We all sit or stand with our backs to you. We don't listen to you and we don't read your signs. Even fresh Jehovah fighters were there. One of these young ladies was full of hatred. And the blonde little fat Jehovah's Witness had a hairstyle like a found wig. The poor woman must have been called straight out of bed into the Jehovah war.

In between, a patrol car stopped right at my right calf. But the officers only wanted to buy something in the drugstore. When I had determined the approximate center of Jehovah's Witnesses distribution in Speyer's pedestrian zone, I delivered a little sermon on the bleeding murder based on a cannibal law that does not exist in the Bible. Afterwards I ate my pretzel roll, which was baked with salami and cheese, and made my way home.

Behind me was a pedestrian zone with many salt columns on the right and left of the sidewalks. I can't believe how these people can turn back to the Watchtower Society after such a clear exposure of their murder activities. Say to yourself, ah, there is certainly a cannibal law in the Bible? Do they say to themselves, ah, that won't be so bad? Tell yourself I am not to blame! Society is to blame! Is this not exactly what made evil possible in the Third Reich? Oh, the party bears the responsibility. I only carry out orders and must nevertheless make sure that I do not lose my Nazi wife and friends and my Nazi children, whom I raised myself!

The Watchtower Society is constantly using new levers to psychologically defeat its critics. The Jehovah's Witnesses Mass Action today in Speyer was such a thing and it just had to demoralize. Go home! You can't do anything about our bleeding murder. Go home! We are much more than you! You can't hurt us! We are so many! And we are all stubborn and watchtowerbound.

Thanks to the ignorance of the German state, the Watchtower Society actually has this superiority. Do they somehow work together?


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