Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 265

Jehovah's Witnesses in a model Masonic town

Order devil makes photos of me

Sometimes I think Bruchsal is a model Masonic town. Today it was about tolerance, food waste and what you want to do before you die. In Bruchsal there is also the FEG, whose speaker on the pulpit prohibited people from walking around in the pedestrian zone with signs saying: Jesus saves.

At least there was no Jehovah's Witness bookstall in Bruchsal today. Instead, a pair of Witnesses-Jehovah's Witnesses went through the pedestrian zone and stopped at a lady's stand who gave apples away. There was also a professional Tibetan with two sweet dogs, who is often seen in Speyer. As I was waiting for the two Jehovah's Witnesses to take out the Watchtower, a man approached me. "Today on the road without signs?" I: "I'm just waiting for them to take out the Watchtower. Then I'll see if they set up the bookstall in the front. If not, then I'm gone." He: "Then you have a day off today!" Shoulder pat. I: "No, then I go to Speyer or Wiesloch." Another shoulder knocker. Nice experience.

Next to the two Jehovah's Witnesses, who listened to the lady for half an hour until finally the true cause for the conversation was there (invitation to the Kingdom Hall), I stood for another half an hour with the signs. Many people noticed the situation and I had not gone to Bruchsal for nothing. However, there were some broad grins, whose reaction I could not interpret. They were visibly pleased with my signs, but then came to the Jehovah's Witnesses and greeted them exuberantly. That did not fit together. Never mind.

The sermon service witness Jehovah's couple then marched sometime towards the horizon with a short stay in the savings bank. In front of this savings bank, a hospice event took place, at which one should write on a large blackboard with chalk what one wanted to do before one died. I thought: write that you want to warn many people about Jehovah's Witnesses, then take a picture and ... that thing was too stupid for me. And then the two Jehovah's Witnesses came out of the savings bank and marched on towards the horizon. I went behind them with my signs. When Jehovah's Witnesses had disappeared behind the horizon, I drove on to Speyer.

In Speyer the mail went out and Jehovah's Witnesses looked at her fingernails, then the supports of her pavilion, then again her fingernails. For almost three hours I attracted the interest of passers-by to me and Jehovah's Witnesses stood there looking. A man with a camera, whom I did not classify as a Jehovah's Witness, suddenly approached the Jehovah's Witnesses at the bookstall with his family and greeted them with a handshake. A little later, a group of tourists came by and one of these tourists dropped an insulting remark saying, among other things, that the saying "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" was a lie. I went after the tourists and made a little statement, which was clearly received by many. I said it would be easy for the Watchtower Society to have the claim "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" banned by the courts if they didn't know that they would lose the trial with timpani and trumpets. If such a trial were to take place, it would be a worldwide court order that Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death. That would be tantamount to the downfall of the Watchtower Society.

The man with the camera who had just greeted the Jehovah's Witnesses with a handshake shone all over his face. I couldn't explain that to myself. – That was a strange situation like the one in Bruchsal. People are apparently good acquaintances of Jehovah's Witnesses and are happy when the teachings of the Watchtower Society are exposed as lies. Relatives? Friends?

Man with pimples and raster curls hired by Jehovah's Witnesses

Then it came to a funny situation. The Jehovah's Mecki Witness from Speyer must have read the report about the beating Jehovah's Witness from Wiesloch. A young man with raster curls and unhealthy looks walked straight towards me while he held up his cell phone to take pictures. A few centimeters in front of me he stopped and strangely didn't take a picture at all. Then he looked over at Jehovah's Mecki Witnesses and got the necessary approval. Then he swivelled his mobile phone as if he wanted to take a picture of the surroundings. I asked if he wanted to take a photo or a video. The man just walked on.

In Speyer I have already had the strangest experiences with people from bad backgrounds who were seen from the outside. They were all strangely wildly eager to defend Jehovah's Witnesses no matter how. Today's experience with the camera devil fully corresponded to this series. Did the Mecki Jehovah's Witness arrange all this? Who else sends someone on my neck to provocate me – almost exactly recreating the Wiesloch fist punch experience? However, I hadn't photographed the Jehovah's Witness at close range in Wiesloch, but the fist punch of the Jehovah's Witness came later during the discussion. The Mecki Jehovah's Witness must have misunderstood that.

Jehovah's Mecki Witness disappeared shortly after this scene, which is not his usual way of doing things. I don't think he had any appointments.

Under the canopy of the Jehovah's Witness book table, it became darker and darker, and the highlight was a cup of coffee that one of the Jehovah's Witnesses took with him. During the almost three hours warning against the false doctrine of the Watchtower Society, 1000 people were noticed. A good day and a fun Mecki experience.


Where do Jehovah's Witnesses get the people who do mini-jobs for Jehovah's Witnesses like the little photo devil's in Speyer today? How much do these people get paid by Jehovah's Witnesses? Ten euros, twenty euros? Who does such commissioned acting? Is there also a variant with a pistol instead of a mobile phone? Are these controlled actors drug addicts? Or do Jehovah's Witnesses have people sitting somewhere in the basement keeping them addicted? What is the relationship between Jehovah's Witnesses and these people, most of whom are visibly neglected?

Later a man passed me, who had molested me like this photo actor a long time ago in Speyer. Today blond, then dark-haired. At that time I had to order him loudly and several times to withdraw. Today this man passed me silently. Somewhat differently styled and much tidier than at that time. At that time he had a bad eye twitching and other nervous disorders. Today he was very calm and calm.

When I look at the face of the Mecki witness from Speyer, I shiver. What is this man capable of? At home and in the Kingdom Hall, he is the good citizen and faithful Jehovah's Witness.

Or are these strange events planned and carried out from other Watchtower floors? But the gestural correspondence between the actor and Mecki Witness states that Mister Mecki Witness was at least organizationally involved.

However, it is also possible that Jehovah's Witnesses confront their critics with such abstruse situations in order to achieve that they are no longer believed. There are many who have dealt with Jehovah's Witnesses and no longer speak plainly because no one believes them anymore. For example, a woman from Dortmund once called me and said that Jehovah's Witnesses went to her apartment in her absence to change things. I didn't believe her at the time. But I also don't claim that my readers believe me now. But at least I would like to have said these things. Who knows what that is good for.

In this context, the incident with which an alcoholic former Jehovah's Witness confronted me when he was living in our flat can also be interpreted quite differently. At the time, I was afraid to let the camera run.

Obbious non-witness Jehovah's intimidates – Shots were fired and I piled through the back entrance, which I had to clear first. After that I waited for the police for half an hour in my bathrobe a few streets away at three o'clock at night. It was November. If you look at the whole thing in summary, it can be quite different. What kind of kingdom government must it be that is to be initiated by Jehovah's Witnesses?

Quote from the book HAS SICH DER MENSCH DEVELOPED ODER IST ER ERSCHAFFEN WORDEN?, Watchtower Society, 1968, page 173:

This condition reigns today among the worshipers of the Creator, Jehovah God. They have heard, as Isaiah also prophesied, what God has to say: "He [God] will instruct us from His ways, and we will walk in His paths." (Isaiah 2:3) The members of all social classes and of all nations who listen to the teaching coming from Jehovah God provide evidence that His government offers the only hope for the survival of mankind. Only it is the right way, and it is already achieving amazing results! ... But what God has done so far is only the beginning. Soon he will do much more.

End of quote

The results of this government are indeed amazing. And according to the Watchtower Society, there is more to come.


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