Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 429

Walldorf: Jehovah's Witness peaceful

And there's a special reason for that

Our visit of Jehovah's Witnesses to Walldorf on November 17, 2018 led to a strange event. A man stood between the aggressive Jehovah's Witness and Renate shortly after a few hand movements of the aggressive Jehovah's Witness to separate the two. Then he stayed there for half an hour and talked intensely at the aggressive Jehovah's Witnesses. His hand movements he had interpreted as slapping movements and had intervened immediately.

How could this man emerge from nowhere to purposefully separate the discussants? He must have somehow observed the situation. Whether with a telescope or a surveillance camera, remains open. In any case, he interpreted the hand movements, which you can see very well on two photos, as blows. Why did he react by rigorously ending the discussion between Renate and the aggressive Jehovah's Witness?

That Saturday I interpreted this oddity in my new page as the appearance of a second power controlling Jehovah's Witnesses. This interpretation became absurd when I found an order of punishment in my mailbox on Sunday morning. At that moment it was clear that an Winkeladvokat of the Watchtower Society controlled the behavior of the aggressive Jehovah's Witness and immediately stopped the suspicion of blows by standing himself between Renate and the Jehovah's Witnesses. That Renate let the camera run was pure coincidence. On the video you can hear quite clearly how the Jehovah's Witness justified himself: I just wanted to ... I only wanted ...

The order of punishment, which I immediately issued with my objection, is so delicately woven that every fog is a concrete block against it. Not that I am sure of victory! But according to the law, it is in fact impossible for this order to lead to my conviction at the trial. If this should nevertheless happen, then new law will be created in Germany in favour of the Watchtower Society. Then the lie of the Watchtower Society that Jehovah's Witnesses are all present on the streets as pure private individuals will be legalized and this will lead not only to the public demonstrations and meetings of the Watchtower people being protected from any critical reporting, but also to the public prayer events of Muslims being legalized and the door being opened to fanatical advocacy of a religion.

This would legally protect any public propaganda just because it appears religious. We do not have this special status for religious propaganda in Germany, and with the decision not to film and publish the presentations of Jehovah's Witnesses it would be reintroduced in Germany by a high court decision. This would be a great success for the Watchtower Society in Europe, where the legal status has not yet been achieved as in the USA several decades ago. Strangely enough, however, Jehovah's Witnesses may be filmed freely and without pixelation in the USA, although the public activity of Jehovah's Witnesses was legally recognized as a religious practice there much earlier.

A court decision that makes Jehovah's Witnesses appear as private individuals who are not allowed to be filmed and photographed will have the compelling consequence that all religious practitioners will be granted perfect fool liberty in public. Then 80 men in the pedestrian zone will be allowed to pray in the direction of Mecca. Then Jehovah's Witnesses may continue to call the police with every camera that appears and use the state power for their lies that kill people.

Here I ask all readers to support me temporarily so that I can pull out all the stops and go into revision if necessary. All remittances with the purpose 'penalty order' will be remitted by me to the supporter again, if without the consumption of this money the goal is reached, which consists of stopping the Watchtower Society. Jehovah's Witnesses are not private individuals when they advertise their religion. Jehovah's Witnesses are then rather people of public life. So far the Watchtower Society has attempted to fraudulently enforce private status. The court ruling in my case would put an end to this lie.

Deutsche Kreditbank AG, DKB, IBAN: DE15 1203 0000 1010 3763 07, Recipient: Ruediger Hentschel

And remember, I will of course emigrate with your money to Don't-know-where and let 72 young girls serve me there. UAHHH! Another one of my stupid jokes!

In fact, the Watchtower Society uses Winkeladvokaten to massively control and suppress the natural behavior of the aggressive Jehovah's Witness in order to protect a court case in favor of the Watchtower Society from the treacherous behavior of that Jehovah's Witness. These people know the aggressive Jehovah's Witness very well and must completely stop him in order not to jeopardize the trial. After all, it's also about the good reputation of the Watchtower religion when it comes to non-violence. All Jehovah's Witnesses are so peaceful.

The video first appeared on the page correction, counterstatement: Six-year-old from Walldorf was Protestant! and shows crystal clear what spirit this aggressive Jehovah's Witness is.

Perhaps the upcoming trial is one of the most important trials currently underway against the lies of the Watchtower Society, for it determines whether an exception is made in Germany for Jehovah's Witnesses or not. The question is whether or not they are people of public life as Watchtower advertisers. If the court finds that the public advertising of Jehovah's Witnesses is to be classified as purely private, this will be a great success for the Watchtower Society. Then more police officers will need to be recruited to be summoned at the discretion of Jehovah's Witnesses. If, however, it is determined by the courts that their public appearances are people of public life, then a strategically important Watchtower lie complex will be put to an end by the courts.

So it's all about stamina and perseverance. If you transfer something to me to support me, then write a short mail to, so that I don't lose the overview. Everyone gets his money back as soon as the thing is fought through and none of the money has been used up. That would be of course the ideal case.

You have to let it all melt on your tongue! The Watchtower Society wants to show the court that the Jehovah's Witness of Walldorf is not an aggressive dog, but a lovely cuddly cat. And when the cuddly cat yelps again according to its true nature, the Watchtower Society jumps up and puts the dog under pressure until it meows again.


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