Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 384

Plenty of unaccompanied Muslims

... and five Jehovah's Witnesses

Since mid-November, a black man has been living in our shared flat. He is not registered here, but only functions as a guest. Today I was also in Heidelberg and I have to say that the number of unaccompanied Muslims is overwhelming. It is a question of time that this state will be taken over by Islam according to the demographic circumstances. Then first the atheists will hang on the construction crane, then the Christians. Our society is characterized by maximum superficiality and maximum godlessness. Islam is characterized by maximum appropriation by rules laid down in the Koran. Will Europe, which first triggered the migration of peoples through the destruction of the African markets, then politically limit Islam?

No! No! No! The takeover of the German state is planned. The population becomes brown-skinned, which I have nothing against. That is planned. There is no point in getting upset about the fact that these ethnic mixtures were arranged by Freemasons. Europe has also been created by Freemasonry. After all, we have had peace for a very long time. However, it remains unproven whether Europe would not have remained peaceful without the Masonic construction. So we do not necessarily have to take our hats off to Freemasonry.

But when I think about what Freemasonry has instigated with the Watchtower religion, I am struck by the fact that Europe will also be completely dictatorial in the end. The inevitability of the migration of peoples that has been instigated is already a source of deep insight here. The consequences at the religious level, however, make me shudder. The rules of Islam cause a one hundred per cent takeover process with the help of quite normal factors. Propagation and religious compulsion. The consequences are also fixed: Destruction of all churches and persecution of all Christians!

First of all, there will be a law that provides for the demolition of all churches. This law will be democratically approved by the Muslim parties that have been established in Germany for a long time, because they have the majority. After that the possession of a Bible will be forbidden by law. And in all German mosques there will be a shrine decorated with a statue of Angela Merkel. The Muslim will of course not be allowed to worship her, but he will pay her a prescribed moon-godly greeting when he enters the mosque.

In Heidelberg the unaccompanied Muslims cavort in droves and in all age groups. Especially the blacks among them are well equipped and 15 years old. I can hardly believe how the cityscape has changed in such a short time. I was never racist! But I see the decline of the German state very vividly before me. I won't (hopefully) experience the brutal end of this Freemason idiocy any more. But the completely and even legal takeover of the German state by Islam via the democratic majority by multiplication can be counted on five fingers. If one observes the people in the pedestrian zone, nothing reminds one of the situation of two years ago.

And the matter of the artificial migration of peoples, which takes its course once it has been arranged, will develop ice-coldly and inevitably. Let us assume that the Germans have become reasonable and no longer think in Nazi terms. Then the thing with the migration of peoples will fortunately go on without the usual German idiocies. Europe is already important and Europe will not be able and will not want to prevent the transition to Islam. Only when the first atheists have been tied to construction cranes will Europe give some thought to this. But then Europe will no longer know the Council and will no longer have the power to stop the self-inflicted development. This situation will then be the breeding ground for the Antichrist.

Then a power figure will appear who can solve the problem. This problem solver will then be so adored that he will reside behind two hanging cheek doors à la Merkel like a god in a tabernacle. From there he will develop, proclaim and cultivate his godlike status. His innermost core secret will be the unification of Christianity with Islam. For this he will use the anti-Christian theology developed for a long time from the pots of the Watchtower Society, to which already today the majority of the superficial and materialistically minded are attuned. The conspicuous conformity of the Watchtower doctrine with Islam will be very useful to him in this task.

No Muslim will see through this game and the real Christians will be destroyed or submerged by then. Angela Merkel will then be something like the patron saint of world salvation. Wonderful!

Fortunately, these are all just abstruse fears. It certainly won't happen that way. Isn't that right, Mrs Merkel? We sing a lot of hymns, as you advised us. I hope that by then I will have died prematurely of nitrogen oxides and fine dust a long time ago.

Now to the five Jehovah's Witnesses

The two Juhuknaben Jehovas in Speyer gave me an even more developed show today. Their behaviour has recently been calibrated to find alternative points. This means that you have to search for them laboriously to be able to tell them the truth about their murder religion. Unfortunately, the immediate escape is so firmly anchored in their repertoire of behavior that you can't even lasso them. Once again, my clearing up attempt was reduced to photographing the religious artists and their embarrassing departure.

After I had visited the two Jehovah's super-witnesses at their B alternate point, the Jehovah's bald witness stepped two blocks away towards the C alternate point. I knew it from the last time and have a look! He came towards me and was done with his nerves. I asked him what caused him to do such maneuvers. He was the one who would advertise religious murder. He gave me no answer and I enjoyed the good light because of the photos I could take of his departure. It is really the Via dolorosa that the man celebrates. Only that he does not carry a cross, but is in some way equipped with a stake. I cannot say where he has the stake.

Quite surprisingly, a Jehovah's Witness approached me in Speyer. I told her that on 30.01.2018 a six-year-old from Walldorf had to die because of his Jehovah's Witness mother. Jehovah's Witness replied with a serene sentence: "Yes! Anyone can be affected." What a religion this is, in which one is exposed to a deity that randomly chooses its human sacrifices! It is unbelievable that modern people are into something like this! Unbelievable that today there are still people who seem to come directly from the past primeval religions. And the ice-cold emanating from these persons shocks again and again!

In Heidelberg, two Jehovah's Witnesses did not wait for me, but I met them. They had hidden well, but I came from the right side. The two poor women immediately went to a department store in the pedestrian zone of Heidelberg. On the way there I accompanied them with my signs. The fresher Jehovah's Witness said I was not allowed to photograph her. Then I told her what you really shouldn't do: bleed six-year-olds to death and serve a God who demands such a thing from you.

The ice-cold reaction of the Jehovah's Witnesses to such a true fact is very similar to the saggy expression on the face of our World Chancellor of Rescue. "I wouldn't know what could have been better."


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