Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 321

Loss of power – Jehovah's liars are going to walk

It couldn't be more embarrassing

When con men are exposed, when mental criminality is uncovered, when the sold grandmother appears on the scene, when the house of cards collapses, this is a feeling that Jehovah's experts express perfectly with their body language at Altpoertel. No departure can be more embarrassing, no downfall more embarrassing! But despite everything, Jehovah's Jumping Devils return to the scene of the crime to continue their Altpoertel-wide work of lies. The Watchtower Society has programmed its brains to this end. Their outer human shell contains nothing but Masonic Watchtower effusion.

The clumsy departure of the Altpoertel governors of Jehovah lasted only a few seconds. These old man buddies with their screeching pub psyche had long imagined holding their sermon area firmly in their hands. Through this imagined possession the slapstick scenery of the Altpoertel repeats itself again and again, because they cannot give up their high position in the worldwide watchtower brotherhood so easily. They can't have the insight that simple facts can set all their supposed successes to zero for these kings of the Watchtower lie. The Watchtower people can't think that far. Ten centimeters behind the Watchtower, for these people, nothing begins. And so they have to climb their old Watchtower again and again to fall again and again without understanding it. That is tragic, but also very funny. If you look at the pictures in quick succession, you get strange feelings. How can someone behave this way in public? How can someone who "has the truth" sink so embarrassingly into the ground? How can the representatives of the New World rule, which is then to be led with an iron fist from the Watchtower headquarters, make such an affair of themselves and not realize that they are only serving the Masonic Lucifer?

If the two imaginary owners of the Altpoerteler Quarter had big pom-poms on their shoes and little red hats on their heads, one could recognize something suitable in the body language, which they show again and again at their departure, namely the clown's racket. But in the facial expressions of the Altpoertel pub brothers of Jehovah, the viewer recognizes the whole absurdity of the Watchtower religion. The representatives of the Watchtower Truth perform the most beautiful slapstick without ever having rehearsed it. Only Gernot Hassknecht can surpass this mimic, but he does it consciously and is a professional in it. And Gernot Hassknecht knows what he is doing and approaches it with the necessary humour.

The two watchtower professionals from Altpoertel prove that a Jehovah's Witness cannot learn because he is not allowed to learn. We do not know how long this spectacle will continue to take place in Speyer. The public embarrassment of the embarrassed Jehovah's will probably continue for a long time to come. I am aware that I want to reach the last waving bus driver with the truth about these Watchtower propagandists. This may take some time.


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