Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 408

They find stupid again and again

In the face of the death of the six-year-old, they eat bread rolls.

At the station Walldorf-Wiesloch yesterday on Friday two blind beauties, uh, blonde Jehovah's Witnesses, stood their legs into the own stomach. The Watchtower leadership's latest strategy is to stand still at all costs! And the ladies of the Jehovah's Witnesses' religion of death laughed their hearts out all the time. They laughed and laughed and grinned and laughed that it was only so beautiful to look at. But anyone who knows the satanic background of their clients cannot laugh along with them.

Two ordered men came by one after the other. One talked to the Jehovah laughing ladies for about an hour. He certainly hadn't come to take the train anywhere. The second man ordered theatrically parked his luggage and took a few minutes to get a painted and shrink-wrapped watchtower. And the ladies of the laughing Jehovah Sodiumphes laughed and laughed and laughed. They did not behave normally.

A woman came along who obviously didn't have to take this path and asked laughing what kind of battle it was. (Battle stands for battle.) And the laughter was great. I asked the laughing lady if she would laugh at the six-year-old who had to die for this Reiligion. Then she drove at me laughing: "Don't come to me like that!" The primitiveness of these people can hardly be described anymore. When people in a crowd mock their victims, six-year-olds have to die. It's absolutely sad. But for Jehovah's Witnesses it's a reason to laugh for 90 minutes.

Today Renate and I were in Heidelberg and we had a good time as long as Jehovah's Witnesses weren't there. But exactly at the point we had already set to go home, three Jehovah's Witnesses suddenly sat there and abandoned their Watchtower Rollator. The three Jehovah's Witnesses did not laugh. They ate. No matter what happened, this flown in Jehovah's Witnesses group ate bread rolls and ate bread rolls and ate bread rolls as if their preaching ministry consisted of bread roll meals. Three Jehovah's Witnesses eating bread rolls, who could hardly get away from their enjoyment, demonstrated the absolute carnal lust of eating bread rolls. Only when I stood directly in front of her abandoned Watchtower Rollator did the bread roll guide torture herself from the bench and rollator away with the Rollator.

I called out to them about 10 times that a six-year-old had to die for their religion, but they just kept chewing. The callousness of these young ladies did not miss anything that the blond ladies of Jehovah had already shown the day before. The murder by bleeding to death seems to be a special satisfaction to these people. The gassed Jew also gave Hitler a good feeling.

The people in the Heidelberg pedestrian zone hardly had a choice and watched the spectacle. Those who were happy to die of bleeding continued chewing and took no notice of the fact that the satanic lethality of their religion had been exposed. They stood up a bit further away with their bread bags and ate comfortably while I told them that the God of the Bible never allowed human flesh and therefore never had to forbid human blood. Already after another half roll the penny fell and the Jehovah's Witnesses chewed away.

Renate had already done her duty at that time and was looking for a rather intensive conversation with these Jehovah's witnesses. But these ladies only wanted that they wouldn't be photographed, and were otherwise very snooty. When young girls bring something as brutally hollowed out as Jehovah's Witnesses must be the children! Brains and hearts turn into breadcrumbs that no one can chew anymore.

There is this beautiful saying: "A good skat player must also be able to see an ace die on the table." For Jehovah's Witnesses, this applies to humans. A good Jehovah's Witness must be able to bleed a human being to death. A good Jehovah's Witness also likes to work in so-called hospital liaison committees, which work solely and well organized to ensure that the patient certainly doesn't get any blood. A good Jehovah's Witness must be able to witness and execute the indoctrinated murder ice-cold. And all Jehovah's Witnesses must be able to laugh with all their heart and soul at the Watchtower Murder Dead. This is their primary duty and skill.

Two of the three Jehovah's Witnesses denied that they could speak German to make Renate understand that they could not read the signs at all. But already during this lie the murder helpers exposed themselves. But these ladies of the Jehovah Watch Tower lie remained calm and as arrogant as before. They acted like the henchmen, who can't expose themselves to each other, because otherwise they would be immediately removed from their position. You have a certain reputation to lose.

And this kindness! Have a nice day! We respect you! You have your opinion, we have our opinion. And these murderers really think they can laugh at dead children because of the freedom of speech their religion has on their conscience. Please explain to me one, how people can come to such an ice-cold attitude!

It happens to me again and again that out of compassion and anxiety I feel the beauty and significance of these people especially strongly. It tears my heart to see how such beautiful and precious people let themselves be carried away to the most primitive thing Satan has brought forth. The human murder within the Watchtower society has the advantage that one hardly sees the blood splashing or has to scrape pieces of meat from the wall. The whole thing is so devoutly and religiously raised that it is a heroic deed to murder or be murdered for this Jehovah.

The three Jehovah's Witnesses radiated a stoic peace of death and the buns died and did not die between their teeth. The whole sermon service was one big chewing of bread rolls and the six-year-old, whose death they were jointly responsible for, played no role. But the bags in which the rolls were packed attracted the attention of Jehovah's Witnesses, and how and from what angle they played bass, they let that go right through their heads.

But everything Renate told them and I told them apart later was just subterranean nonsense. The question of why a god who did not allow human flesh at all forbids human blood was so boring and uninteresting to these chewing Jehovah's Witnesses that they only paid more attention to how and from which side they could bite the next bread roll.

When people are made murderers as young people, it is a crime that even Angela Merkel and Kathrin Goering-Eckhard condemn. But if these young people, who have been turned into murderers, are not even allowed to perceive that they are promoting the murder by bleeding to death, nobody in our society feels anything against it. This is accepted like the latest EU directives. All you have to do is to get involved and be ignorant to be a good citizen. You accept the 'special' piety of Jehovah's Witnesses. You suspect something is wrong with it, but you can't get past it.

If I had a budgie named Jehovah, I'd teach him the spell: "My name was invented by a Catholic monk!"Nobody can teach the Watchtower Jehovah this true statement. The Watchtower Society makes six-year-olds jump over the blade by teaching that the Bible would have forbidden human blood. But to do that, human flesh would have to be released for consumption. The Watchtower claws may not think that far. They are enthusiastic about their God, who systematically kills people by letting them bleed to death.

To want to handle these deathly lies as an act of freedom of expression is absolutely infamous and shameful. For some time now, Jehovah's Witnesses have been sent to the streets with the excuse of freedom of expression. And these people really believe that you can and must make people jump over the blade out of freedom of speech. The six-year-old from Walldorf is and remains a murder victim of the Watchtower Society and its advertisers. And the ladies of the Watchtower blood doctrine continue to chew their rolls with pleasure. And they have their own god, whom they call Jehovah "God".


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