Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 91

Christian and Antichrist in Wiesloch

How random is life?

Those who do something for Jesus on their own strength, on their own view or on their own initiative will fail sooner or later. Whoever wants to initiate his own salvation in a humanly organized way must perish whether he notices it or not. Jehovah's Witnesses work against Jesus and for a lonely God who had to carve himself a son (reminiscent of Pinokkio). Jehovah's Witnesses are fixated solely on pseudoscientific Bible research and are thus one hundred percent free from the Spirit of God. Jehovah's Witnesses believe only in what human beings have imagined. Jehovah's Witnesses only take steps invented by humans. They solemnly reject bread and wine in their ceremonial celebration of the death of Christ; they bleed people to death for this Jehovah. The works of Jehovah's Witnesses clearly show that Jehovah's Witnesses have nothing to do with Jesus when they also use His name as a prayer delivery formula.

Jehovah's Witnesses were banished today to the rank of distant spectators. The music did not play with them, the Antichrists, who solemnly reject Jesus more beautiful than Satanists, but the music played with a "purely coincidental" assembled crowd of Christians who all had nothing planned or planned. The morning in Wiesloch took place in the greatest peace and Jehovah's Witnesses stood there and looked. The conversations with others were highly interesting and often so loud and clear that Jehovah's Witnesses could see how holy what Jesus was planning was. Previously they had been busy repressing my announcement that Jesus is worshipped by all of creation in Revelation 5:13 and thus must be God.

Odachlos and Christian

A vagabonding Christian had set himself up in the very centre of the Jehovah's Witnesses zone and played Christian songs. From questions from passers-by it was clear that many assumed that we were a team. Still other Christians came here and we talked sitting on the bench long after Jehovah's Witnesses had left. But after half an hour they came back as if they had a guilty conscience that they had given up so early. But they didn't last long for the second attempt either, because they had to realize that the blessings we experienced as Christians in a jumble did not want to stop.

The morning was as ingenious as anything you experience with Jesus. The artificial, man-made religion of Jehovah's Witnesses cannot give this, but only laboriously imitate, forge, copy. Jehovah's Witnesses and Catholic Marian worshipers do not experience the power and guidance of Jesus. Perhaps at some point they will notice what they are missing. Jesus is always ready to accept you. And no matter how in love you are with Our Lady or with the worldwide brotherhood of Jehovah's Witnesses, he will accept you if you return to him.

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Christian and Antichrist in Wiesloch

Christian and Antichrist in Wiesloch


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