Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 400

Ticket to hell – one way only

Oh, dear! Four hundred years jubilee and never the same! Gross. And so it was again today in Heidelberg. The Speyerer and Wiesloch-Walldorfer station witnesses had to do without me, because I went back to Heidelberg. Very late and only after I had had a good night's sleep. The sun was already shining in the fast-elf-clock sky. Fast Highnoon and my duelists ... no, I won't shoot anyone! The Jehovah's Witnesses stood there and grinned according to all the rules of art. That's their only weapon: despising people. Jehovah's Witnesses grinned so hard that it was almost unbearable, and I didn't have to laugh along.

The program currently being carried out by the Jehovah's Witnesses flown in to Heidelberg is very monotonous and without individual peculiarities. The thing is thought through and planned like a skyscraper in Saudi Arabia, only that the slaves do not die of the working conditions, but of the spiritual sitemaps. The full witness of Jehovah, who revealed his stupidity to the public last Friday, was no longer there. But there was a very good-looking hat with a man on it. Besides a rather average lie magazine saleswoman. At least I didn't go to Heidelberg in vain and didn't ride the three kilometres bike tour from the parking lot to the Bismarckplatz for nothing. The people were friends and did not decapitate me because of my kippa.

For the protest against the heresies of the Watchtower Society, however, I always drop the kippa in the meantime, so that nobody thinks: "Oh look, the Jews again! No. I don't want to drag the Jewish people into the confrontation with the Watchtower lies, because too often I am branded as an agitator and preacher of hatred. I only bring facts. Facts bring against the lies and against the serial murder of the Watchtower Society, I don't want to burden the already shaken Jews with that. Neither do the Muslims and the German still-Nazis, who then only think about the Kippa and not about the upheld signs.

The volume of conversations in Heidelberg today was oversized and then totally exhausting. Almost the whole time I explained the unbelievable Bible lie of Jehovah's Witnesses, God was a cannibal god and allowed human flesh to be eaten. For nothing else results from this insane ban on human blood, with which the Watchtower Society serially murders people. It is inconceivable that one of the most pious religions should use a rule not found in the Bible to systematically kill people. And it is unbelievable that not a single public prosecutor's office would pursue this murder.

A man told me to press charges. But my intention is to tighten the noose around the prosecution's neck so that at some point they publicly have to admit their disgrace at having been silent for decades about the Watchtower Society's serial murder. Now I can be accused of having been able to prevent so many murders by bleeding to death if I had filed a complaint. But I consider my educational work to be sufficient to save many from bleeding to death by Watchtower religion. Nor can I judge how successful an ad would be at that time. My intuition tells me that I could not stop the murder moloch today with it yet. And how many people have understood that the Watchtower Society murders by bleeding to death? None of them filed charges. And I don't think the time has really come yet.

In between, a horde of Masons trotted by and I was amazed. In a phone call with Renate I told her about this incident and she asked me if they had looked at the signs like all the others. It fell like scales out of my hair and I realized that these Masons hadn't been interested in the signs at all. That's a strong indication that they appeared deliberately and planned. If only they had been there by chance, at least one would have looked at the signs. Was that a counter-action against my kippa? Or was it about strengthening and supporting the Masonic religion of the Jehovah's Witnesses? Who should I be more afraid of now? From Muslims? Or German Freemasons? If at least one of them had looked at the certainly unusual thing with the signs, the suspicion of Masonic planning would be cleared up. But so the appearance of the Masons takes on threatening features.

But I don't have to be afraid of these people. They only kill each other if one of them has betrayed something by chance. And Jehovah's Witnesses only kill each other if one of them accidentally bleeds to death. Freemasonry and Jehovah's Witnesses fully agree that they officially only assassinate their own people. Isn't it beautiful how satanic systems betray themselves? It is!

The number of people who were enlightened today was almost a bit overwhelming. Who would have expected that two hands could achieve so much with a few laminated A4 sheets? I'm always surprised at how beautiful and useful it is to educate people about Jehovah's Witnesses. And the Jehovah's Witnesses' ticket counter, behind which they stand like ticket sellers, perfectly reflects the entire idiocy of the Watchtower Society. In it, the Watchtower Society is not too fine to openly admit that it only cheats on its slaves.

Today I fell in love with two Jehovah's Witnesses again! What a heartache! The hat with man on it was not so important to me. But I can't believe that such attractive, beautiful women can indulge so deeply in lying. The young girl who appeared with her grandmother in the Watchtower lie scene also caused me pain. Then it couldn't have been being in love. Because all these people cause me grief. How can such beautiful people surrender to religious fascism and accept that in their religion people are murdered by lies? It is unbelievable!

In order to continue my service to Jehovah's Witness, I need new shoes without shoelaces and a deck chair and a palm tree and some women chasing away the flies with their palm fronds. No. That was a lie. lach mich tot


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