Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 140

Wiesloch-Jehovah embarrasses himself

Jehovah's Witnesses – World champions in sudden disappearance

When it comes to tricks and washes, you can't fool Jehovah's Witnesses at all and nothing at all. They may not be very well organized, but the deceitful mood of these people gives the impression that they always have a millionfold superiority. Jehovah's Witnesses are also very proud of this imagined millionfold superiority and write in e-mails to Christians for example: "We are superior to you millionfold!" The "sense of community" of Jehovah's Witnesses is greatly strengthened by this elite feeling and one feels like in a secret society, entrusted with very special tasks.

Wiesloch's Jehovah's Witnesses today showed a deep sense of insecurity, which they, as always, compensate either with bare arrogance or with the usual sense of sacrifice. Jehovah's Witness to the Volksbank lasted as long as she could. But after the so many passers-by who openly agreed with me, her face forgiveness didn't help any more and she withdrew. At times her consolation was a crooked mouth saying, "I don't care!" But after a while she couldn't stand the facts anymore and stopped her sermon service.

Two Jehovah's Witnesses, who apparently wanted to meet with this Jehovah's Witness, turned at the sight of the Jehovah's Witness, burdened with simple, clear facts for bursting, towards the Schleckerruine, where the second regular place of the Jehovah's Annunciators is located. But they did not stop there. Near the Schleckerruine there is a zebra crossing to the Sparkasse. Directly in front of this savings bank there was a large watchtower cupboard wall, which I would have liked to have photographed. Unfortunately a bigger car covered the view and later I realized that this car waited so long before the zebra crossing because Jehovah's Witnesses were fiddling around with their wall units to escape to the new shopping mall. I also went there, of course, to see what that Jehovah wall unit was all about.

Either the Watchtower Society in Wiesloch has emergency reserve announcers in salt and vinegar or the ladies with the Jehovah's handcarts were super-extra newcomers. The Watchtower-Jehova presented itself in two sack trucks at the roundabout and the two ladies in the cart had nothing at all against being photographed by me. After the usual photo documentation I positioned myself near them and held up signs like: "Jehovah must be Satan, he forbids contact with Jesus" and "Whoever bleeds people to death for religion is a murderer". After a short time I turned around and the two two Jehovah's Witnesses in a sack cart were gone. It's a strange feeling when people are just gone in a few moments.

Later I discovered these two two Jehovah's Witnesses in sack trucks at the nearby bus stop and lined up there. The traffic is very slow at this point and most of the time there is traffic jam. The drivers and their passengers had plenty of time to read the signs, and after a while the Jehovah's Witnesses must have realized that there couldn't be a driver who didn't immediately understand what Jehovah's Witnesses were advertising for. This caused the ladies to disappear again, but this time I was able to capture the moment of their escape from facts.

The Watchtower Society works exclusively with people who have never been allowed to get to know Jesus and who are therefore dependent on their own tools and on their own human skill. The natural abilities of these Watchtower recruiters are simply human and not guided by the fact that they have a direct reference person in heaven (Jesus Christ), but that they are dependent on the Mafia-like cult of Jehovah's Witnesses. Within this highly carnal (nonspiritual) framework, Jehovah's Witnesses enjoy every little triumph they can gain through tricks, without considering that lies and intrigue do not really help. The Watchtower Society, of course, cannot afford to leave its people with a functioning psyche, and so the public embarrassment of the great Watchtower Jehovah is inevitable.

I walked once more through the lower pedestrian zone and saw that no Jehovah's Witness dared to take up position there. So I went back to the new shopping mall and behold, the two inconspicuous Jehovah's Witnesses who had disappeared at the same time as the Jehovah's Witnesses in the sack trucks stood there again. I stood at a very considerate distance from them and the drivers were able to pick up the relevant information again. It is wonderful when the maneuvers of Jehovah's Witnesses open up new possibilities to inform other people about the murderous nonsense of the Watchtower Society.

Today, Jehovah's literature in Wiesloch was exposed to public ridicule, especially in its sack cart form. It was even the case that in many looks of passers-by I thought I had discovered the expectation: "When will the guy finally take care of them up there at the new shopping mall!" The Watchtower Society fraud is becoming more and more obvious in Wiesloch. Jehovah's Witnesses are becoming more and more aware of this and are finding that their project "Jehovah in Wiesloch" is stagnating. However, I have hardly experienced the aggressiveness of advertising for the Watchtower Jehovah in any other place as exaggerated as in Wiesloch. And this despite the fact that Jehovah's Witnesses there consist almost exclusively of pensioners and housewives. If the Jehovah's company in Wiesloch had used only a small fraction of their energy wasted on the Watchtower Society's heresy for real good causes, Wiesloch would be famous.

But the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch must continue to embarrass themselves with their murder god, who demands the bleeding to death of people. Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch appear as housewives, as alternative toad tunnel protectors and as rollator pensioners. And as a fat man who is pissed off. The human spectrum of Jehovah's Witnesses is limited and greatly reduced to a clientele that has nothing else to do. A toast to the seemingly broken people in Wiesloch. At least they are still thinking. A high to all normalos, to all not arrogant people in Wiesloch. They still have all the cups in their cupboards.

Dear Wieslocher and all other people of this world! Don't be impressed by the facade piety of Jehovah's Witnesses and don't follow them. There is one thing that Jehovah's Witnesses can lose forever and most of the time lose: their integrity, honesty and sincerity.


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