Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 463September 10, 2019

Many new owners of Germany

Jehovah's Witnesses will own the whole world

For Jehovah's Witnesses it is certain that the whole world will belong to them alone after the great end-time war called Armageddon. Then there will be no man left who is not a Jehovah's Witness. When Jehovah's Witnesses get bored in their preaching ministry, the Jehovah's murderers imagine which houses they will move to in Armageddon and how they will renovate those houses. For them they are already the new owners of the world. With the appropriate pride they walk and stand around in the pedestrian zones. They are superior to all other people a million times over, because in the end they will own the world.

Muslims already own the whole world

After the vertiginous parallels between the Watchtower religion and Islam have often been depicted on these pages, another parallel now comes to light. In the question of who owns the world, Islam is not only a hair's breadth equal to the Watchtower Society, but a decisive step ahead of it. Muslims live in the religious consciousness that their God, Allah, owns the whole world. So the Muslim is already now and directly and immediately the rightful owner of the whole world.

While Jehovah's Witnesses are still romantically falling into the dream of how and where they will move after Armageddon and settle in, the Muslim perceives the Hartz 4 paying as the rightful and logical omen of his property to which he is entitled. The Kuffar voluntarily pay the tribute anchored in the Koran. Accordingly proud and self-confident, the Muslim walks broad-legged through the pedestrian zone and has no need to defend his superior position. It belongs to him and there is no reason to doubt the Muslim status of the master man.

Jehovah's Witnesses and Muslims – Master Men

Freemasonry loves Islam and has conceived the Watchtower religion as a bridge to Islam. The fact that Freemasonry has firmly anchored master-men in its ideas, although it has the great slogan "All men become brethren," is because it has become a slave to Satan. This now sounds very conspiracy-theoretical, but Freemasons are tough-headedly admitting to openly worshiping Lucifer as God from the 30th degree. What can the devil worshipped as God produce if not the master man and the master man?


Today I was in Heilbronn to enjoy a shashlik. The French fries were quite cold and hard, but still I had no problems enjoying this meal. Unfortunately shashlik is an absolute rarity in Baden-Wuerttemberg. Besides, there are hardly any non-Muslim snacks left. Everything is Halāl, everything bled to death alive. The possibility to visit a German snack once has strongly decreased in Baden-Wuerttemberg. If I resent the Masonic devil, then it is the abolition of German snack bars.

When I walked through the pedestrian zone of Heilbronn and thought about how badly I would take a stabbing because of the shish kebab in my stomach, unsuspectingly two sweet, oh so feminine and so attractive Jehovah's Witnesses approached. Oh how beautiful they were. How much female naivety and subservience surrounded them (Greens). A cloud of pure desire to multiply reproductive desire preceded them and one could feel this spiritual smell from afar. These dear faces, this lovely beauty, this service and love subjected to everyone! When someone advertises with sex, he should do it like Jehovah's Witnesses do.

There are only two possibilities for such dear Jehovah's Witnesses. Either their religious imagination or the world will end. They preferred the end of the world and set off after a few minutes to leave the Heilbronn pedestrian zone completely relaxed. At the top, however, when they were out of sight for a few seconds, they disappeared as if swallowed up by the ground. Only the veiled women remained. Every veil legitimizes the rape of all unveiled women.

And when the Chief Imam gives the signal to open the fight, then I would like to be at home – behind the locked and barricaded door.


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