Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 359

Jehovah's Witnesses cheat as always

Why focus on the heresies of Jehovah's Witnesses?

Jehovah's Witnesses just keep going as usual. We know this from Mrs Merkel and from the EU. We know that from everything that earns money and the insects are exterminated. It does not matter. The giant tomatoes and pumpkins in Jehovah's paradise grow like this. There is no need for insects!

This further-so is the only thing the new owners of the whole world know after Armageddon. Like Merkel and Co. they grin and despite their wrinkles they don't realize that they have to die soon. What do they bequeath to their children? Death and misery. That's the way it goes on in the company's own politics and in the company's own religion.

So it is no wonder that the public prosecutors refuse to investigate the serial murder of the Watchtower Society. Nobody stops the destruction of the insects. Bye world! Bye cosmos. Man apparently tries to forestall the Creator's court by quickly destroying everything himself! What a parallel between Merkel and Freemason-Co. on the one hand and the Watchtower-Clique with its Wiesloch Martyr-Systen on the other hand!

A man once branded greed and the addiction to power as the root of all evil. After his death, the handle was taken from his hand and a pope became his representative on earth. For some time now, other empires and powerful people have been pushing their way to the representative post occupied by the Pope. The Watchtower religion winds itself like a sticky worm on the representative chair of Christ and has the highest interest in destroying people by bleeding series murder. But the physical death of bleeding is only an outward confirmation of the spiritual death that every Jehovah's Witness and every Catholic suffers. Bleeding to death is basically just the carnal marking of some spiritually dead that the Watchtower assembly line spits out.

When a money-hungry family tries to hide Grandma's death, she puts the dead Grandma in the back seat of her car once a month and drives her through town to make people think she's still alive. The same way Jehovah's Witnesses and Catholics play the role of Christians. Both are dependent on human organizations, both need human rites and believe terrible lies. Both are undead from the hands of deadly religions.

And yet it is only the Jehovah's Witnesses who, through their permanent advertising, expose themselves to public denunciation. But Jehovah's organization has the advantage over the Catholic Church that it is still allowed to murder with impunity. Only in matters of child abuse they are relatively equal. And in both organizations it is the parents of the children who ultimately have to pay the millions in fines for child abuse.

The non-Christian cannot recognize the human-destructive motivation of the Watchtower Org and the Pope Org. Only the person who takes the Bible seriously and thus believes and does the words of Jesus can recognize that Watchtower Org and Pope Org block and rigorously replace the salvation of man dependent on Jesus Christ with lies. And with the lies that push Jesus aside, Jehovah's Witnesses stand at roundabouts, train stations, and street corners. Catholics do not yet need this. Only when the Catholic Church has less than 9 million members worldwide will Catholics have to advertise with the Pope's tower in their hands. They are then also preachers and will then probably carry out murderous actions again. But this will take a long time, because the Catholics have been lied to even more cleverly and camouflaged than Jehovah's Witnesses.

The structure of greed and greed for power has also been creepingly established in the circles of free and non-free Protestant churches and congregations. Pastors who believe in Jesus are disfellowshipped from the pulpit of the Evangelical Regional Church. When full-time preachers stand up for Jesus, they must fear for their livelihood, which is firmly organized in originally Masonic-structured foundations. They have a humanistic, socialistic green program to unwind and otherwise keep their mouths shut. The inglorious counterpart are circles financed from American sources who openly sell Masonic wisdom as Christian truth before the congregation and have carved the decisive hobbyhorse out of the captivity of salvation.

Who wants to scold the lies of the Watchtower serial murder ideology when recognizing these concerted counterpowers against Jesus? It must be vocation, but also strong compassion and the desire to help these people, embarrassed before all eyes, on their feet. While Catholicism has been holding people in its hands for many centuries by cheekiest deception and while the Protestant Church is still tinkering with the mega-deception of humanity and unites itself in the most humble way with humanistic politics, the Watchtower Society forms the only remaining murder machine among the denominations scolding each other Christianly. By a law of cannibalism, which does not exist in the Bible at all, it still kills people with impunity and in loose order – like a serial killer.

The bottom line is that there are no arguments left to justify or justify the focus of criticism on the Watchtower lies. Only the idea of the division of labour, i.e. the special assignment and the mastery of a specialist area, can serve as the basis for the special joy of caring for the Watchtower undead. But it is much easier. It must be a vocation after all. Of course, no church Christian and no churchman can be called to such a vocation – from a purely human point of view. These people, including the American financed Freemasonry representatives in the Christian mini-congregations initiated by them, are completely occupied with themselves and trapped in their humanistic religion. Who wants to give these people another order? They have their mission. First they would have to see through their existing vocation and recognize that it is from below, and then give it up.

Jehovah's Witnesses are a simply knitted people of the perfect oppression of truth and people. Therefore, uncovering their lies seems relatively easy. But here, too, abysses open up, for the draining of which it takes more than just one person to hold up signs. And yet the method of public response and public exposure of the Watchtower lies is so fascinating and fulfilling.

The core of the public response is the attempt to open people's eyes to what is to be underbuttered with lies and so often has been successfully underbuttered. Almost all school leavers of the last 30 to 40 years are of course of the opinion that they were created by chance by the Creator and watch evolutionary films in which evolution is preached as the Creator. The smaller proportions of school leavers with an open mind are led in lie organizations like Watchtower-Org, Pope-Org and the like. There they are told so many lies about God that they would actually do better to also pay homage to God by chance. But in these orgs it is so comfortable and so social and so elitist. So they remain, who could still have learned to see, in these tombs of Masonic-controlled Christianity.

As far as the meaning of the public response to the Watchtower lies is concerned, it is the centre of all public aspirations of a Christian, namely the witness to Jesus Christ. In recent years, however, there has been a shift in the enlightenment of Jehovah's Witnesses towards special lies of the Watchtower Society, which has also made me think. If I denounce the active serial murder activity of the LIES-Org, which has not been investigated by the public prosecutor's office, where is the testimony for Jesus? I was allowed to learn that. A highly held written reference to Jesus is more likely to deter people. Too many liars have been active in this field. The personal testimony to the individual person is the driving force with the power that cannot be measured in horsepower. I experience this during the visits of Jehovah's prisoners in the case of many Jehovah's non-witnesses, but Renate even experienced a spiritual fall birth on Saturday and was allowed to help save a Jehovah's Witness's life!

God alone saves! Nothing that people make up can save.

Those who are reasonably in their senses and are not glued to the backs of monsters with greed and greed for power realize that religion cannot save. Religion is only made for people who do not believe in Jesus and depend on having a substitute for Him. It is then only a matter of having done the best possible and being able to calculate God later how often one has been in the church and how much one has donated. But the currency from religious production, with which one then wants to pay for one's life, is only made of cardboard. Does God take paper money? Everyone can answer this question very clearly.

But the one who has paid everything for us in the most valuable currency is Jesus Christ. But hardly anyone gets wind of it. Most people have fallen to their knees before the God of chance and before the God of the high nose. How can they find out that their Creator, Jesus Christ, has paid redemption for them all? How can the modern religion cursor ever recognize that he is right with the religion curse, but has lost sight of the most important thing about it, namely Jesus, his creator?

We Christians can also leave these problems to God alone. There is no means to lead a person to Jesus and to depose him. We human beings cannot lead each other into salvation. Because only Jesus Christ draws people to Himself. Thank God he gives every person the same chance to recognize him. But even this absolute equality of opportunity we humans cannot understand, because it is God's job alone to save. We have no concept, but God has one. And that bears the name Jesus of Nazareth.

In view of the fact that Jesus Christ is life, we human beings have no similar or equal means of coming clean with God. Any religious attempt by man to climb up to God must end in a deadly disaster. We are indebted to the Watchtower Society for showing all people how this attempt ends in serial murder and unreported child abuse.

Now anyone can say or ask: "Yes, how does he know that?" There is a simple answer to that. Take your heart in your hand, even if you are totally insecure, and try yourself. Ask Jesus to save you. And then see what happens. God is the most blatant thing a person can ever experience.


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