Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 4

District Congress of the Watchtower Society in Nuremberg

In the large group, Jehovah's Witnesses offer each other protection. An oppressive front!

23.06.2012 District Congress of the Watchtower Society in Nuremberg. The atmosphere in the stadium in Nuremberg was bleak. I did not manage to get myself with my cardboard sign Jehova "God" is Satan. He forbids to show contact to Jesus.. Everywhere uniformed guards, discreet controllers, psychological pressure. The Jehovah's Witnesses sat in their seats totally disciplined and made notes a pointless lecture. A brochure was promoted that would be so well suited to attracting even more people to the organization. The Jehovah's Witnesses leafed through the brochure in a rather haphazard manner. A woman who saw that without the fellowship she felt more like nothing than nothing kept asking her child for silence, who had asked a question. Instead of briefly answering her daughter's question, she kept putting her finger over her lips, which she put all the way to the front. The loudspeaker ring was so loud that the child could not have been disturbed. My visit there was without any effect. I was blocked inside. This community is concreted. I seriously thought of a stack of paper saying Jehovah "God" is Satan. He forbids contact with Jesus. somehow like throwing flyers down somewhere. A crazy thought. The brutal front of the Watchtower Dream World is so closed in meetings and congresses that no conversation, not even a demonstration seems possible. I drove around the area a few more times and looked at the loitering Jehovah's Witnesses standing at the entrances as if it was none of their business. There is no explanation for why they worship this Jehovah. It is a mystery how they could be drawn to this side. The atmosphere at their congresses seems as difficult as at their meetings. It makes no sense to interfere in this brainwashing machinery. I don't have the strength.


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