Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 174

No Jehovah's Witnesses beside the Broken Watchtowerh1>

Bull heat in Bruchsal

Maybe I'm exaggerating. Maybe, I interpret too much into this thing. Could be, I see ghosts. As soon as Jehovah's Witnesses line up beside the broken Watchtower of Bruchsal, I must drop all theories with reference to Masonic thread pulling. But I like to do that. I finally want to see the Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal next to the broken Watchtower!

And I want to meet the people who are not too stupid to say down from the pulpit of the Free Evangelical Church Bruchsal: "I forbid young men walking around in the pedestrian precinct with T-shirts written on them: I'm not religious, I believe in Jesus. Ecumenism, founded by a Freemason, lets the scythe go and makes pseudo-Christians real advocates of religious confusion. These people are doing the same job as the Jehovah's Witnesses who seem to have driven them out with the broken Watchtower. It was a thorn in the side of these ecumenical people that people were holding up signs in the Bruchsal pedestrian zone: Religion does not save! Only Jesus saves!

Catholicism, charismatics and ecumenism are a porridge. They integrate Jesus as a marginal figure in their religious salad in order to take the focus from him that he alone deserves. A few questions remain unanswered! Will Jehovah's Witnesses ever again position themselves in their former ancestral place – now next to the broken Watchtower? Will the "young men" with the Jesus message be removed from the pedestrian zone when they hold up their signs? It remains exciting. Especially under the aspect that pseudo-Christians, ecumenism, Jehovah's Witnesses and Masonic background somehow interact.


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