Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 358

Heilbronn: Jehovah's Witnesses' major repair campaign

A listening Jehovah's Witness was directly removed from his preaching ministry.

What is fulfillment? Fulfillment is when we do not bleed people to death on behalf of a Jehovah, but when we visit prisoners in the Spirit Watchtower prison and tell them about Jesus. When one of these prisoners realizes that the light of the Watchtower doctrine is only artificial light, and when he sees the sun for the first time, fulfillment occurs. Renate was allowed to experience this today, and the Jehovah's Witness in question was immediately replaced and removed from ministry to Jehovah. The lady next to him immediately called the Watchtower Police, who confiscated the Watchtower Trolly.

As I stood there with my signs and watched the scenery, I assumed that this Jehovah's Witness was a particularly penetrating representative of the Watchtower lies. But it later turned out that he immediately understood the message of Jesus and enjoyed the sunlight that shone through the torn window of his watchtower cell. And the system of the devilish watchtower organization immediately and ice-coldly brought upon him the death sentence of trolly deprivation. He was immediately deprived of the Watchtower Trolly. The Antichrist made himself publicly transparent! The Watchtower religion embarrassed itself on the open road!

Before, we had already met real Christians and told them about our plans. The impression that confronting Jehovah's Witnesses with facts creates in Christians is first of all irritation. The direct resistance against the lies of the devil is generally known to us from sermons and good intentions. But when it comes to a concrete confrontation and people are confronted with their heresies, the ecumenical model of peace, joy and egg cake quickly falls back and the Christian flinches. How unpleasant it looks when a Christian stands out by representing the truth! Then the whole ecumenical model of peace, joy and egg cake is exposed as a facade of lies. Then what do people think? Will the Christian then still be accepted in the church circles that finance him? Oh, help! He can't just stand up for Jesus Christ! Maybe he will be removed from his post in the church and lose his income and pension and his Fiat Porsche!

The Christians we met today in Heilbronn did not have these problems.

The Gorge of the Watchtower Paradise

Then the gorge of spiritual paradise opened, where Jehovah's Witnesses are already allowed to live today, and spat out legions, screaming beautiful Jehovah's mannequins and a few old men standing next to them. The pedestrian zone of Heilbronn was filled with watchtower trollies. Some troops of Jehovah's Witnesses without Watchtower armor also appeared on the scene. The whole picture expressed that the blamage from last Saturday should be ironed out. A situation arose which had already been staged years ago in Wiesloch by the Watchtower director. The fighting the truth by mass. And the result, as in Wiesloch, was devastating for the Heilbronn Jehovah's Brigade. Jehovah's Witnesses stood up in exaggerated numbers to impress the Heilbronn population and had to put up with one transfer of lies after another. They did so with a stone face.

There will certainly be a number of Jehovah's Witnesses who will think about the facts. The desiccation of their brains is far from over with all of them. Today we have certainly toasted some Jehovah's Witnesses and warned many, many passers-by. The mass appearance of the Watchtower soldiers in Heilbronn started at the back. It would be interesting to know whether the gaps in the ranks of the Watchtower sympathizers still to be seduced are getting bigger. The behaviour of the Watchtower front not only leads to the conclusion that the seduction victims are breaking away, but also imposes it on the observer. Prices and demand are falling in the false teacher market. Jehovah's Witnesses remain sitting on their false teachings. The comfortable supply of interested people must have become frighteningly thin. Otherwise this panic would not be visible in the wild actions of the Watchtower Moloch.

The almost idiotic imagination that spiritual truth could be defeated by spiritual superiority led today in Heilbronn again to the disastrous result that the Witness Jehovah's devil who bleed to death was embarrassed to the bone. I was allowed to walk up and down in the Heilbronn pedestrian zone and call again and again: "Watchtower Society – Serial Murder! Watchtower Society – Serial Murder" And Jehovah's mannequins petrified. Unbelievable! What would you say if someone publicly proclaimed: "Family Soundso – Serial Murder! Family Soundso – serial murder!" Would you grin and look somewhere else or just not react at all? If you represented this family Soundso, would you react like Jehovah's mannequins? Never!

The shame associated with the Watchtower society systematically bleeding to death has to reveal the Watchtower lies in the long run. Also because man for man and woman for woman will leave the worldwide brotherhood of serial murder, this Masonic religion. The Watchtower Machinery's drastic panic attack is deep. And the evidence for the serial murder in the Watchtower Society is just waiting for the trial, which still hasn't begun, although any prosecution has to act on suspicion of murder.

A man was among the Watchtower comrades who had miscalculated the Watchtower system. When the Watchtower system realized that he did not categorically reject Renate's remarks, he was immediately deprived of his sermon service. A gray-haired Jehovah's Eldest Sampler and a Jehovah's Mannequin appeared on the scene and resolutely grabbed the Watchtower Trolly and walked away. They ensured that the facade of spiritual untouchability was preserved. The face and spirit of a Jehovah's Witness must be stone like the being of Satan and like the being of the Watchtower Society. What would happen if Jehovah's Witnesses turned out to be hearing and seeing people? In a very short time they would have millions of critics at their heels and would no longer be able to raise the money for the Watchtower Society. Inheritance, donation, and free help in building kingdom halls would then fall badly behind. The Watchtower doctrine has no time at all to justify itself and must rely on general blocking. A good Jehovah's Witness is always the one who hears nothing and sees nothing.

How much does the arbitrarily acting Jehovah's chief witness of the Watchtower Police know about this? He used power directly and wrathfully. And he guaranteed to destroy the Witness Jehovah's failure listening to Renate by every trick in the book of Watchtower injustice. Where would the Watchtower Society go if Jehovah's Witnesses behaved like humans? Since when do Jehovah's Witnesses listen to Christians? They are the ones who, according to their teachings, will destroy Christianity! Since when do JW listen to a Renate?

When I shouted at those cracking actors: "Watchtower Society – Serial Murder!" they didn't hear. To some extras from Jehovah's creepy cabinet I repeatedly called the question: "Who is your master?" The answer was: "Have a nice day yet!" – Tripp trapp, tripp trapp, gallop of pork.

The package that the Watchtower Society had put together to forget its Heilbronn embarrassment of last Saturday consisted of mass and ignorance. But many, many passers-by reacted very positively to our criticism precisely because of this superiority of Jehovah's actors. This is the point at which I begin to doubt the Watchtower scammers' abilities. These poor people don't understand at what threshold they are harming themselves. If they fail so early, they will never realize that even more sophisticated tactics can't do anything against Jesus. They simply learn nothing, they remain stupid and remain at the stupid level of a human organization. This level is nothing against the power of God that every simple Christian has.

However, there is also the interpretation that the Watchtower Society very much likes to send its people extra into disgrace. The wealth of the Watchtower-Org is secured as well. "We send the believers over the Jordan. Spiritually and spiritually and then also regularly physically through our Cannibal Law." This intention is the one that I personally consider the most likely variant of the Watchtower Human Extermination. – The increase is not at all in the foreground. The annihilation of humans is the center of the Watchtower religion!

And then Jehovah's men stand next to Jehovah's mannequins and pretend that they don't want to attack the Jehovah nymphs immediately. Oh how chaste, oh how decent. But only the abuse statistics of the Watchtower Society and the one or other Jehovah mannequin know what is going on inside these dwellers. Only the men of the Watchtower-Org know by which means they were forced to be silent and to participate. The ideal sex-women of the Watchtower-Society, who are flown in for such mega-operations as today in Heilbronn, are basically the best exposure of the Watchtower-Men. Jehovah likes sexual abuse. The use of these mannequins is a variant of it. Many fall for these sexual lures.

Just as I was about to proclaim the word pair "Watchtower Society – Serial Murder," I met a group of old men who betrayed themselves as civilian Jehovah's Witnesses by their outfits and their reactions to my proclamations. They raised their index fingers, pulled up their eyebrows, but what they said somehow went under. I turned around and shouted: "Jehovah must be Satan, for he forbids contact with Jesus!"

Later in the morning, I applied the acoustic amplification of my announcements on the signs again and again and Jehovah's Witnesses stood there as ordered and not picked up. So we moved back and forth between the blocks of blindness and deafness, pointing to the Watchtower religion's serial murder disaster.

What happens to a person to whom a mirror is held up and who has to recognize his mistakes? None of this happens to Jehovah's Witnesses! They will now in the next few weeks have their "biblical" killing principles recited again and again or take strong medication. If then the knowledge of their evil religion remains with some, it will come to purges and the number of those branded as apostates will remain unknown. How will Jehovah's mannequins react? Can a man block the truth at a young age? How important is recognition within the serial murder religion to them? Will they be able to keep up the game with Masonic error in the long run?

At one point the typical watchtower spectacle took place again, showing an interested person. The interested person played the role of a recognizing person who immediately responds to the Jehovah teachings and reacts enthusiastically. The fact that such practiced scenarios do not cause absolute nausea in these people can only be explained by the fact that they have even had their innate sincerity amputated.

A shopkeeper came up to me and said: "Finally once a man who speaks the truth! Respect!" Many passers-by showed their approval in different ways. One did not. He made fun of me because he probably didn't understand that I was against Jehovah's heresies, and shouted: "The end is near!" I answered: "Yes! The end is near! The end of the Serial Murder Watchtower Society is near!" And the Jehovah's Witnesses petrified.

The method of impressing people with colourful little pictures and of seducing them to false doctrine has turned out to be a sign of lies for many people again today. The representatives of the Jehovah's religion of lies had a hard time maintaining their ancestral delusion of superiority, and in some of their faces I could read their thoughts: "When will this thing finally be over?" But they had to persevere and they pulled their heads in when they were told the facts of their own religion:

  • Jehovah God must be Satan because he forbids contact with Jesus.
  • Jehovah's Witnesses celebrate Christ's rejection once a year. They must not take bread and wine!

How long can a man endure these lies? He can only endure them in the longer term if he enjoys advantages in the Watchtower religion that he does not want to do without. For this reason, the Watchtower Society has made simple attendance almost impossible, so that the simple mind of the witness becomes horribly panicky when he thinks of his own exit. This is a perfect parallel to the entry and exit conditions that exist in Freemasonry. Freemasonry, which at the higher end openly worships Satan and declares him the true God, has installed high hurdles for entry and even higher hurdles for exit. The entry rituals already promise the four-part division and the crushing that blossoms for the Mason on his exit.

This horror scenario, which is "Jehovah's Witness's middle name", has today skipped the "beheaded" Jehovah's Witness. The alarming mannequin helped Jehovah's Witness unintentionally. Even if the Watchtower organization's disciplinary sanctions take effect, this man will never again be able and willing to give Satan's lies space so easily. A man's life was saved today and we were allowed to watch! We put the life of this man in the hands of Jesus and trust that he will keep this man.

That's how Jehovah's Witnesses deal with critics. Fortunately, I was never a Jehovah's Witness. With all available snootiness, facts are denied. And then this insistently repeated invitation to advise critics to have a good relationship with Jehovah. Absolutely blatant. Jehovah is Satan! Jehovah forbids contact with Jesus.


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