Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 247

Humanism demands: Seeing Jehovah's Witnesses positively

Klaus S. puts the noose around our neck

Since July 9, 2016, a humanist has been appearing on this page by commentary, who would like to forbid us to point the finger at others. His first words were: "the words of a sick brain". What about a humanist who says that others have a sick brain? The same man asks us not to focus on the negative of Jehovah's Witnesses. He himself describes us as having a sick brain.

Do I hate the humanist? No, I just can't cope with the lying love of humanism. Do I hate Jehovah's Witnesses? No, I just can't cope with the lies of the Watchtower Society. How can people accept lies for humanistic reasons? How can it be that humanists call the police and forbid me to hold up signs? The policeman, a special species of a humanist / ecumenicalist in Wiesloch attacking me, just closed his trousers and then his jacket and then forbade me to hold up the signs. Don't the humanists notice to what extent they are paving the way for the lie?

In Bruchsal, a humanist approached me with his bicycle in the pedestrian zone, so that I already thought he wanted to drive around me. He stopped when he saw that I was preparing to escape and asked if I was a Christian. I confirmed to him that I was a Christian. His very loud answer was: "It is written: Do not judge, lest you be judged!" I answered: "I have not yet killed a Jehovah's Witness." The humanist said beautifully loudly again: "It is written: Judge not, lest ye be judged!" I answered: "I bring only facts. I do not judge. The facts of the Watchtower religion judge the Jehovah's Witnesses. Not me." The Humanist: "It's written: Do not judge, lest ye be judged!" I called after him, for he already cycled away: "They are only humanists. You're not a Christian!"

A married couple approaching me said: "He doesn't understand that." I: "Well, maybe he does – so in three weeks?" The married couple: "He doesn't understand that!"

The humanist Klaus S. calls for the positive aspects of Jehovah's Witnesses to be emphasized so that society (not the Watchtower Society, but human society) does not fall ill. Aha. Good. I tried to name the positive thing about Jehovah's Witnesses in the comments of the pictures. But I doubt that such a humanistic measure can make a difference in preventing assassinations and murder. If I am not allowed to mention the bleeding murders of the Watchtower Society, they cannot be prevented either. How childish green humanism must be to ignore such simple connections!

Klaus S., the non-godly man, wants to contribute to the improvement of our society. He believes that we can only do this work together. I invited him to do something and promised him that I would report all his actions here. After all, we all want to learn from him how to tell the truth without denouncing the lie. I don't want to miss this didactic play.

Before I forget, here's the positives of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Jehovah's Witnesses do not drink human blood and they haven't been building up their bookstall in Speyer for 2 weeks. The only Jehovah's Witness in Speyer today stopped his propaganda about a minute after he had seen me. Very positive! The Bruchsal Jehovah's Witnesses look very angry, but the female ones smile like wild to attract male interested people. Very positive. I'm thrilled, but I can't understand how these wild smiling women can have something like loyalty to their husbands.

The process of packing at the end of their compulsory period is also very well organised. Jehovah's Witnesses are masters of disappearance, which has to be judged very positively. What else is positive about Jehovah's Witnesses? Oh yes! They do not decapitate. They have a much more modern method of killing people. As soon as a Jehovah's Witness who needs alien blood to survive doubts the Watchtower Society's blood doctrine, Jehovah's Witnesses form hospital liaison committees that process these Jehovah's Witnesses until the bleeder's will to live is broken. This is murder. But what's positive is that the murderers don't smoke and follow the guidelines of their MURDER-ORG in an incredibly disciplined manner. That's very, very positive.

Unfortunately, I cannot really meet the requirements of humanism, because truth cannot be a lie for me and lie cannot be truth. I cannot jump over this inner barrier of values, so that I belong to those who have to be eliminated first of all when humanism has gained full dominion in the world.

I send a warm Helau and Alaaf to Klaus S. from this place. I am looking forward to your actions, which you want to achieve. You have promised us to improve society together with us. That will be good!


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