Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 15

Boring for Jehovah's Witnesses

Bruchsal on 01 September 2012

01.09.2012 Bruchsal – Jehovah's Witnesses welcomed me with a pronounced yawn. However, many passers-by did not share the demonstrative boredom. The trump card is all the people who deal with the subject and don't just walk past the Jehovah's Witness bookstall.

Two women left shaking their heads after reading my text. But after over an hour they came back and asked me frankly what the text was all about, nobody would understand it. This situation resulted in a beautiful conversation in which I could explain the connections. Jehovah's Witnesses listened attentively. However, they were not allowed to show anything.

The organization's new tactic was striking. As if by chance, many Jehovah's Witnesses arrived. The climax they reached was 15 Witnesses at a time. However, they revealed themselves in a simple and almost sweet way. They greeted each other with a stealthy wave, which showed that they belonged to them. Funny were also real stagings, which should unsettle me. Three young girls looked at the cardboard sign for a second without reading it, and then went on laughing loudly. A young mother also brought this show, but she played the worst indignation. The whole scene was easy to see through and it didn't give the Jehovah's Witnesses any advantage with passers-by.

Some passers-by talked to me and expressed their agreement. At the end a Christian came by whom I knew from a church. We only passed each other in this church, but now we had a direct conversation. We sat down, but then went over to you. Besides, we critically but in love discussed some points, which do not run quite clean in the respective church. There some false doctrine with power is installed by an eldest married couple. We said goodbye with the promise that we would pray for them, and this Christian said that he wants to raise the problem. He referred to his own experience, not to my report.

All in all, the deployment was very good. I had prepared some other slogans, but left the most important one at home. Next week, God willing, I will report on the new slogans when they are used. Today's experience has not been so sensational, because the Jehovah's Witnesses' arrogant ignorance overshadowed the shock they had to feel. Only a few moments were recognizable in which one or the other Witness thought about the theses at least for a short time.

Once again it has been proven that the vast majority of people do not even know the antichristian teachings of the Watchtower Society. In this respect, this teaching is a downright secret teaching, especially since it is not at all dear to the Watchtower Society when people get to know this heresy without being exposed to the direct manipulation of the Watchtower, the study of the Bible. It is important to find people who interfere and start clear conversation in pedestrian zones when Jehovah's Witnesses try to increase their membership.

Small conclusion: The emergency solution "bookstall", the imitation of what Christians have been doing for a long time, becomes a boomerang for Jehovah's Witnesses. If one puts oneself before them with clear theses, they can immediately withdraw in the usual preaching ministry and avoid clarification. They cannot do that with the bookstall. They have a great loss if they have to dismantle while I stand in front of them with the cardboard sign. Almost every time many people become aware of the hasty termination of their action as a defeat of the Watchtower Society.


Hello, I'm currently reading Rüdiger's diaries ... they are exciting and revealing, and above all very courageous.

Nadja wrote that the JWs give an embarrassed smile when you catch them out. Yes, I also had the courage to stand in front of them and declare my love for Jesus. First the friendliness, but then came the malice! Not just because I'm the stupid, demonized daughter of my JW mother, but because I talk nonsense in their eyes, and that's how I was labelled. But they get their reward, or they already have it.

My JW mother only laughed maliciously, so maliciously that I didn't know what to do. And of course the relatives who stood by her and excluded me wherever they could. I don't care ... because I am strengthened by God's word, by Jesus Christ and my common sense.

Shalom, all the love

Anita [November 27, 2023]


Hello Rüdiger, I've been back here for a long time to read a few comments and look at pictures. In the picture with the completely disfigured Jesus, I immediately noticed something that I hadn't noticed before, namely that the right hand is crippled. The index finger is much shorter than on a normal hand. This gives the impression that it is a crippled hand. It looks kind of spastic.

The denigration of Jesus is a popular depiction in the Watchtower Society in all possible deviant variations. The Watchtower Society really has fun and pleasure in disfiguring and spurning Jesus. This clearly shows that demonic forces are at work, which Jehovah's Witnesses serve as a tool.

Jürgen [December 07, 2023]

PS: The perfidious thought structures have manifested themselves firmly in the minds of Jehovah's Witnesses. It is certainly not easy to keep the evil spirit in check. Jehovah's Witnesses are trained to trick interested people into falling for the trap. Exaggerated niceness, false self-presentation or other theatrics are cleverly used to give the impression that they are the better people, standing above everything, having an answer to everything, supported by superior Watchtower wisdom, completely detached and untouchable by any reality. What a self-deception. The desperate cries for honesty, genuineness and sincerity are nipped in the bud.

Yes, we have experienced it all. We are currently experiencing Watchtower techniques in politics, especially among the Greens. Some of them are even more violent than Jehovah's Witnesses. [RH]

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