Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 210

Jehovah's Witnesses like caught thieves!

Locusts with scorpion spines

The Watchtower Society identifies Jehovah's Witnesses as locusts with scorpion stings from the abyss. Jehovah's Witnesses are authorized to inflict pain on one third of humanity according to the interpretations of the Governing Body to be read in the Book of Revelations. How can you inflict pain on people if you are not harming them? How harmful do you have to be to inflict pain on someone?

There were probably no Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch because of the bad weather. Only around 12:00 o'clock two locusts with scorpion sting passed by and saw me sitting on the bench. Their indignation was conspicuous and they rolled in their watchtowers and went on. They left the pedestrian zone immediately. Later I went to the outside stand near Woolworth. There one of the two locusts had positioned itself still fast. When she saw me, her religion collapsed like a house of cards and Jehovah's Witness made off like a caught thief.

These people do not realize that their religion turns them into criminals who cause massive harm to people. The list of their religious infamies goes as far as bleeding to death. And when simple facts are publicly presented to them, they leave. They have deprived themselves of their dignity. Those who spread lies and ensure that people bleed to death cannot hope that they still have dignity in them. Nobody takes away their dignity. They have deprived themselves of their dignity.


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