Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 192

Jehovah's Witnesses blocked – They couldn't convince anyone

Grinning bear and gang member. This is the right description for our Italo-Jehovas witness in Bruchsal. An old man talked to him for at least an hour. There was such agreement. When the old man left, he approached me and his facial expression froze with terror, because he read the succinct statement: Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death. In the background I could see the Italo Jehovah's Witness grinning broadly. I could see that he knew very well that the time he had spent on the old man was wasted.

The fruit of factual resistance is greater than the worldwide work of Jehovah's Witnesses. The seduction of Gnosis is blocked in this way and Jehovah's Witnesses can no longer convince anyone. By the way: conviction does not save. Jesus never said: "Your conviction saved you." Jesus always said: "Your faith saved you." Communists, capitalists and Satanists are also convinced. Conviction is only religion. Faith is the trusting turn to Jesus. That is the difference.

A man with a bicycle from Budapest wanted to convince me that I would have to fail with my actions if I appeared so disorganized and alone. Let's think about what that means. The Watchtower Doctrine relies on the horse of a worldwide organization. The Budapest man recommends exactly the same thing to me. Perhaps not worldwide, but at least regionally. Is that any good? No! Only the trust in Jesus Christ, who is unimaginably more than an organization, can bring victory over something like the Watchtower organization.

This victory, which only Jesus can give, takes place with every effort I make. Jesus is the friend of the oppressed. Jesus is the friend of those who are closed their mouths. Jesus is the friend of the non-organized. Jesus is the Saviour of those who do not draw from human strength.

What does the Bible really teach!

The Bible forces the Trinity of God. Whoever takes the first commandment seriously (you shall have no other gods beside me ...), must necessarily accept the word from John 1,1, which is Jesus, as God Himself. Otherwise the Bible would deceive people. It is absolutely simple and uncomplicated. Jesus has to be God himself, otherwise the whole law of God will be broken.


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