Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 222

Jehovah's Witnesses in the election campaign

Earlier, Jehovah's Witnesses avoided the market of politics

Something's happening at the Watchtower Society. While Jehovah's Witnesses were not visible during election campaigns in the past, they are now joyfully involved in the political advertising market. Someone who does not know that Jehovah's Witnesses are not a political party would not have been able to distinguish the stands of the Greens, the Left, the CDU and so on from the stands of Jehovah's Witnesses. The plight of the Watchtower Society must be felt quite clearly, otherwise Jehovah's Witnesses would refrain from imploring the electorate.

Jehovah's Witness to the club cap laughed his ass off when he saw me. But in the course of the morning it turned out that his mockery would come back on his own head. At the end of the morning, three Jehovah's Witness acquaintances passed by, turned to me, read my signs, and turned to the Jehovah's Witnesses behind the book table with a dismayed expression on their faces. It became clear that they were asking how Jehovah's Witnesses could so ignorantly ignore reality on such clear charges. The discussion did not last long. The way out was to pack it up step-by-step and disappear immediately. – That's all Jehovah's Witnesses have to offer.

I had several good conversations, among others with a young "Muslim for Peace". The atmosphere was characterized by everyone courting everyone, and passers-by had their hands full with notes and flyers. However, attention to the Jehovah's Witness issue did not suffer. And the open mention of the beheadings of killing Islam was conflict-free. People who looked similar to Islamists remained cool.

The all-dominant election campaign tended to give more attention than usual to the issue of the two killing religions in the world. While the political issues on every corner courted the people, the Jehovah's Witnesses and I came as the only ones with something that stood out pleasantly from all the others. However, it was not Jehovah's desire for cooperation between Jehovah's Witnesses and me, and many passers-by looked into the faces of Jehovah's protagonists with crooked mouths and obvious rejection.

Jehovah's Witness had surrounded himself with all sorts of young beauties. But the attractive multicolored superyoung Jehovah's Witnesses could not gain any sympathies with the people. Rather, they were left with only a precipitous departure when their own acquaintances did not hide their amazement. The announcement "Jehovah's Witnesses don't decapitate – Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death" must have only in their logical effect opened Jehovah's Witnesses behind the bookstall at this moment. The disappearance of the Jehovah's bookshop was very well organized.


Jehovah's Witnesses descend to the level of election campaign world people because they want to exploit every second of advertising at any cost. The perseverance of the anti-Christian Watchtower religion is the ultimate goal. This can now even be seen in the election campaign of the political parties. Sitemap and truth are against it – as always – nothing. Only the dogged, stuck-up dispute over successors resides in the heads of the Watchtower slaves. Writing down hours at any price is the method of choice. It is the panacea. In the Watchtower Society, the escalation of religion to a maximum hourly output produces absurd results. The herd is neglected and can no longer even order itself with the spiritual Watchtower corset. The few remaining draught horses no longer pay attention to where they trample. They concentrate too much on pulling and stamping. They do lasting damage to the Jehovah's organization and thus place themselves on the current level of Islam, which embarrasses itself to the bone and which for years has exposed itself to the whole world as a religion of death.

Perhaps it must come to pass that in the end all religions must be recognized simultaneously by all people as what they are.


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