Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 273

Enlightenment about Jehovah's Witnesses

Three hours that had it in them

A young Jehovah's Witness, who could be seen to enjoy the possible positions of power within the Watchtower Society in advance, led a squad that had already assembled the scanty utensils of Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal in the pedestrian zone shortly after 9:00 am. This troop was there on foot. Therefore, the Jehovah's Witness advertising material was limited to what could be carried by humans and what could be transported by sack trucks. It was not until shortly after 10:00 a.m. that another Jehovah's Witness wearing a World Man hat came along and dropped the collapsible book table at the feet of the small group.

What was striking was the delay of the old Jehovah's Witness and his smug complacency. Either he had taken over this pedestrian zone assignment as an exchange elder or he was pleased to be able to exercise a leading position as a Jehovah's Witness who had not risen in rank. The Jehovah's Witness in a World Man hat enjoyed his appearance and seemed like a Freemason with his masquerade. Casual, superior, washed with all water and proud of himself.

Around ten o'clock I joined the squad after I had bought a warm hat. Three full hours of reconnaissance were the result and a huge number of people read my signs. From many I got a positive, pleased feedback. From some ladies and gentlemen of the Bruchsaler passers-by also came insults, contempt, snootiness and stupid comments. These ladies and gentlemen – all of them old and not ready for any conversation – were brimming with snobbish ignorance. Bruchsal Freemasonry seems to have affected the behavior of some people.

Jehovah's Witnesses did not deposit a single piece of their materials and the Muslims next door imposed their philosophical writings on the people. The accumulation of religious advertising annoyed many passers-by. My warnings were still best received, although – as mentioned above – some all-rounders also made me feel their annoyance. One of them pretended to read the signs for the first time and then said: "Is he still standing here! How ridiculous!" I called after him: "Will you let Jehovah's Witnesses grant?" The man made a scornful gesture. I called: "Do you want lie not uncovered?" Again, a contemptuous gesture of hand had to suffice as an answer. A woman who had already passed me came back and thanked me for the enlightenment.

For three full hours the people became aware of the lies of Jehovah's Witnesses under the impression of the Enlightenment, and the Jehovah's Witnesses pretended serenity and cultivated their superior grins. About 1:00 p.m. they hectically packed their things together and made off. Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal had even lost to the youthful Muslims. Jehovah's Witnesses in Bruchsal cut a very bad figure.

Unfortunately, it seems that there are hardly any people left in Bruchsal who have only come to know Christianity from afar. Many are as on as the Jehovah's Witnesses. To know nothing and to be totally convinced of oneself. If Jehovah's Witnesses knew a little more about the Bible, they would have to sink into the ground in shame because of the few facts I hold high. But they know nothing but their ego and so they are completely untouched by their own exposure. They do not realize the implications.

Of course, it is up to each individual to decide what to take out of this situation or not. However, this screaming superficiality of many remains devastating. The mainstream kills people and stirs them up to a grey mush. One recognizes Jehovah's Witnesses in this grey mush only by their uniform and by the well known "holy substitute scriptures" of the Watchtower Society.

How pleasant then are conversations that reveal a certain informativeness. Even simple gestures of consent simply do good. The bottom line is that this morning in Bruchsal was very worthwhile and many people came to think. One situation was very special. A grandmother, her daughter and again her daughter discussed the facts from the Watchtower religion lively, clever and without malice. Amazing! That was an absolutely rare situation. Three generations without restriction by thought pattern or template. The granddaughter was perhaps just eight years old. I enjoyed this scene.

After Jehovah's Witnesses packed up their Watchtower advertisements, I also set out to go home. But the next Watchtower trolley with two Jehovah's Witnesses was already standing around the corner. I also held the signs up to them and the young woman immediately suffered from a heavy, two meter wide embarrassment grin. It is unbelievable that people would surrender to a fascistoid religion without ever having checked the connections. Her companion, who had just poured coffee into his head, looked at his watch very carefully and decided that he still had an appointment. So they had to leave immediately. The woman couldn't stop grinning.

In Bruchsal, some Masons are back on the road and are selling their Masonic calendars to people on a donation basis, i.e. completely overpriced. Better people need something to get involved with. Better people find it ridiculous when someone stands in the pedestrian zone and holds up warning signs. Jehovah's Witnesses are even better. Most people have no idea that their religion was cobbled together by Freemasonry.


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