Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 25

I shall receive my punishment

Jehovas Zeugen sind gut organisiert!

At 10 past 10 I arrived in Bruchsal. After the long winter, which should come back in a few days, the trip was a great pleasure and the walk through the meanwhile well-known pedestrian zone of Bruchsal was a real spring festival for me. I was all the more amazed when no Jehovah's Witnesses could be seen. But then I went a few meters deeper into the Bruchsal pedestrian zone and saw them standing there. 30 meters further than usual they had built up their stand and very far from the roadside into the walking area, as if they wanted to avoid places where someone could stand up. The consequence was that I stood right on the edge, right behind the Jehovah's Witness bookstall, after trying several points. When people passed by, they looked over the Watchtower table, past the Jehovah Witnesses, at my sign with the words, "Jehovah's Witnesses Hope for the Destruction of Christianity!

As a greeting one of the Jehovah's Witnesses received me without a beard (the other one actually has a moustache!) with the words: "The punishment you will receive will be terrible! You serve Satan! I cannot understand how one can be so connected with satanic powers!" Then I explained to him quite objectively what is definitely satanic about his religion. When this became too much for him, he suddenly approached me aggressively, so that I had to retreat. He ordered me: "Don't bother us! Don't bother us! That he had started the discussion himself had probably slipped his mind.

Anyway, I positioned myself as usual and held up my laminated DIN A4 sheets (technical progress) and observed what was going on. Here is the list:

  • A man read my sign and shook his head with a disgusted and disgusting facial expression. But that is not basic-law friendly! Not Basic Law Friendly! He probably thought my testimony "Jehovah's Witnesses hope for the destruction of Christianity!" be taken from the air. If he had known that this statement was a fixed point in the Watchtower doctrine, he would have spared himself the distortion of his facial features.
  • A woman with a hump walked very close to me and whispered to me: "How can you just stand here with this sign!" Then I said: "I'll do it!" She didn't care what it said on the sign at all. – If she had said: "How can you just stand here with that face!" then I probably would have started to think.
  • An old man who could barely breathe did a similar thing. He walked very close to me and expressed his contempt for me. Later he sat in the café across the street and was back to normal.
  • I do not tell the encouragement of other passers-by in detail, but I only want to capture it as an ever-present greatness. As a Christian you are not dependent on it, but it is always good not to have to stand alone against the mainstream. Of course, a Christian is also always human. Thank you for your signals!

Today, the Jehovah's Witnesses' bookstore was busy with customer traffic. Exceptionally many people came by who also claimed to be brothers (one woman said so) or who just happened not to have seen Jehovah's Witnesses for a long time. One of the bystanders even said, "This is like Christmas, Easter and New Year's Eve together ...". And I thought, okay, that's not a Jehovah's Witness. A man with a pram came by and greeted the aggressive Jehovah's Witness with the words, "Hello! I'm happy! I was thinking, was this real? A few minutes later another man with a child came by and said to the other Jehovah's Witness, the one with the moustache on his upper lip: "Well then, I'll go by!" – The man with the pram was still in action. – At that moment it was clear that these warm meetings were organized. It is so ridiculous that Jehovah's Witnesses think they can replace the power of Christ with their good organization. They continue to embarrass themselves.

Once again, the bottom line was that people simply don't know enough about the doctrine of the Watchtower Society. Today I experienced very closely how few Christians there are at all in Germany. Most people are bound to the European mainstream of godless humanism. They are manipulated and any information about God is unmarried.

Towards the end of the event, my laminated A4 sheets fell out of my hand while I was cleaning my nose. They fell with an audible noise in the middle of the Jehovah's Witness high zone. The Witnesses ignored it. I collected everything again and took up my position again.

The children of the Jehovah's Witnesses who visited the Bookstall Witnesses read my signs extensively and thought about them in a recognizable way. A girl then asked questions to the old "brothers", a witness who told her I was sent by Satan and the personified evil. The girl repeatedly looked me in the eye and could probably see nothing evil in it. Hopefully she will think about the incident later.

Under obvious pain that I endured the three hours, the Jehovah's Witnesses packed their stuff at 12:56 pm. I went with them to their car where the aggressive Jehovah's Witness called me: "Now let us tell you how long they're going to last! You are a poor wretch! I had such peace in me at that moment that I believe that this man saw and recognized this peace well. I hope and pray that the Jehovah's Witnesses will realize how much they are passing by God by worshiping a Jehovah instead of Jesus who forbids contact with Jesus.

I thank the businessmen of the Bruchsal pedestrian zone for not chasing me away or making me insecure in any other way. I thank the people of Bruchsal for allowing the testimony of Jesus in spite of all "freedom of religion". What is really necessary are facts and information! Most people know almost nothing about the true intentions of Watchtower Jehovah.


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