Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 92

Wiesloch: Jehovah's Witnesses reloaded

Quick return to the "virtues" of stubbornness

The great "virtues" of Jehovah's Witnesses are ignorance, stubbornness, audacity, and a completely wrong assessment of themselves as elitists and denial of the reality surrounding them. After Jehovah's Witnesses experienced a mass disgrace 14 days ago at their concert performance in Wiesloch with 20 men and went down perceptibly miserably last Saturday in confrontation with two Christians for the entire pedestrian zone of Wiesloch, they withdrew and tried to come back to their senses, to regain the old normality of their worship. Time heals all wounds, especially when one is trained to ignore reality as much as possible. The one who accepts inner hardening as a characteristic of the only true faith has it easier than others to loosely take away even the heaviest damage like the undead. Not like phoenix from the ashes, but like undead from the realm of shadows, Jehovah's Witnesses fabricate their ascent into the familiar spheres of their old imagination. They benefit from the loose exchange of personnel within their organization resulting from the number of compulsory hours each Jehovah's Witness has to perform each month. What some have experienced affects others through narratives, but others later appear relatively unburdened in the same hemisphere. Almost no member of the Jehovah's Witness team experiences the argumentative confrontation as a whole and therefore appears like an ice age man in modern times. The battered marionettes do not show up for weeks until the manipulators of the Watchtower Society have ironed them back to a certain smoothness.

So it happens that the worst embarrassments and the most convincing arguments don't lead Jehovah's Witnesses to abandon their audacity or even to think wafer-thinly about the things they represent. Jehovah's Witnesses have it easy, through the structural factors of their organization and through the slavish mental unification (which they call unity), to re-dish the old heresy with all its errors of thought over the complete refutation. Wanting to help Jehovah's Witnesses is as hopeless as fighting the undead. Hit deadly a hundred times, they get back on their feet and scatter their dust and spiritual scent as before. Jehovah's Witnesses see the blending out of reality as a great virtue, as an achievement, as an exercise of faith. They hope that the blending out of reality will lead to a life on earth that will take place under the guidance of their spiritual mother. Their hope in human organization alone promises survival in the self-constructed end of the world; their hope in the Watchtower Society is the thread by which the puppets are pulled up again and again. Jehovah's Witnesses claim to have known the Bible for so many decades, but they have never really read the Bible, but only the special anti-Christian interpretations of the faithful and understanding slave. The faithful and understanding slave is the governing body of the Watchtower Society, the 8-member Pope of this American newspaper publisher.

With impudent audacity, a Jehovah's Witness addressed the people sitting as guests at tables in the pedestrian zone. In conversation with her it turned out that she was absolutely immune to arguments and facts. In Jehovah's Witnesses, the mental cartilage caused by the Watchtower doctrine has a kind of focus on one single hope, namely winning more seduced ones. This is the linchpin of the Watchtower Society, the World Regulatory Organization, that they plan their own multiplication like viruses and bacteria in the test tube and estimate how long they must continue to be the ruling power in the world at some point. Armageddon is absolutely helpful here as an unnatural selection: And if the construction of a spiritually synchronized humanity is still a long time coming, there is still Armageddon and that can happen at any time. Although Armageddon should have come umpteen times already, one can so beautifully place his utopian hopes past any reality on the intervention of this Jehovah "God", on the fetish of the Watchtower Society, whose name was naturalized only in the Middle Ages by Catholic monks.

Whoever has once accepted the heresies of the Watchtower Society can hardly apply logic to his life and is therefore protected from understanding conclusive arguments at all. The vociferous discussion with Jehovah's Witnesses almost always serves to warn listeners. The Jehovah's Witnesses involved are incurably mentally shut down to the Watchtower doctrine nested within themselves. If the remaining thinking apparatus still sends out signals that betray a rest of logic, these signals are consistently slaughtered by psychological blackmail, withdrawal of love and perfectly organized negative persuasion. The deafness of Jehovah's Witnesses becomes boundless in this way, so that the hope of healing exists only in the hope that there is a God who intervenes in their lives and personalities. By all human standards, there is no legitimate hope for a Jehovah's Witness to return from his error of life. Every Jehovah's Witness who acknowledges Jesus as his Lord is therefore in my eyes a miracle and an indication to humanity that Jesus is the Lord and Creator of the universe.

In the time of political advertising and the European election campaign, Jehovah's Witnesses are sinking rather serenely and without sound in the overall picture. Representatives of individual interest groups are more likely to be successful in getting Jehovah's Witnesses involved in talks than vice versa. Only the weird embarrassing grin of the Jehovah's Witnesses while reading my mottoes reminds us that Jehovah's Witnesses are located beyond Christianity. The new old stubbornness and ignorance of Jehovah's Witnesses is the symbol of what the Watchtower Society itself writes in its Book of Revelations. Jehovah's Witnesses are then locusts from the abyss who, like scorpions, sting a third of humanity (spiritually). The Watchtower doctrine is proud to sting people spiritually and inflict pain on them by infecting them with antichristian thoughts. The trained marionettes who embody these locusts from the abyss who can sting like scorpions are Jehovah's Witnesses. Even if they cannot stand with mass against arguments like 14 days ago, they always return to their trained audacity like the dog to his own vomit. They have nothing else in life. They are humanly cored, Jehovah-wormed, already reduced to a religious doctrine of death, imprisoned in a dark prison. The only thing that keeps her going is the imagination of belonging to the human elite. In return, they give their all to get the feeling from Watchtower Publishing that they are the elite of humanity.

If the absolute truth is recognizable to all people and appears with divine power of discernment (so will Jesus be at his second appearance), how difficult or easy will it be to see his errors as a human being in relation to the actual immiscible truth? Will it be more difficult for a human being who has committed and represented the great error, which seems to be already imbecilic, than it will be for a human being who has only just missed the truth? Who has earned how much death through separation from God? Who killed only one, or who killed many? The reduction of salvation to faith in Jesus Christ has its meaning. Only this name is given to us, says the Bible. If there is a God, despite all the godless trends and all the godless education and imagination of people, then there is no Jehovah's religion, no Marian religion, no Pope church, and no ideology. Salvation lies solely in the name of Jesus. Whoever makes the self-experiment experiences that there is no excuse that can save from the hand of the living God, except Jesus Christ.


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