Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 396

Jehovah's Witnesses – What are they up to?

Some Halbhonk in the management levels of the Watchtower Society apparently prevailed with a good idea. And I am thrilled! Jehovah's Witnesses actually seem to have instructions from above not to hobble like the rabbits, but to stand still and calm when the one with the signs appears. It seems to have leaked to Jehovah's leading witnesses that in this world the immediate towers are actually interpreted as the typical reaction of a caught thief and cheater. This astonishing realization came to Jehovah's leading witnesses after only a few years.

Presumably, this extremely progressive realization was the result of a conversation with a psychologist with whom Jehovah's Witnesses are reluctant to talk. Occasionally, some Jehovah's Witnesses go to the doctor despite the Watchtower's internal ban on psychiatry because of depression and suicidal thoughts, and one of the doctors must have slapped his hands over his head when he heard that Jehovah's Witnesses are trying to express their good and sincere sentiments by taking off in a fraudulent manner. This doctor must then have convinced those responsible in the Watchtower Society in conversations lasting several hours that someone who is in possession of the truth does not immediately run away if he is criticized.

And the result is: Jehovah's Witnesses will stand as long as possible.

This, of course, is one of the best tactical steps the Watchtower Society has taken recently. Surprisingly, to adapt to the fact that a deceiver always leaves quickly and one who is not a deceiver does not always leave immediately is true new light, and the divine position of the Governing Body has once again been impressively confirmed. Jehovah himself must have told Jehovah's Witnesses: "Hey! You're doing exactly the wrong thing! You must stay staaaanding! Otherwise you'll demonstrate to people that you're liars!" The new light on normal behavior shows that the Jehovah's organization is determined and certainly blessed by Jehovah. So Jehovah's Witnesses in Germany benefit directly from Jehovah's blessings, which of course he only sends to his channel.

So the Channelled Jehovah's actually stood still as long as possible and bravely endured the embarrassment in the juxtaposition of lie and truth. It was nice to watch how the commuters at Wiesloch-Walldorf station smilingly recognized the discrepancy between the deeds and the demands of the Watchtower Society. The degree of visibility increased from minute to minute and Jehovah's Witnesses finally had the opportunity to test their steadfastness. When another train arrived and it was foreseeable that many people would see the confrontation, something overpowered the Jehovah's Witness and her male companion did not refuse to fold his rolling vendor's tray.

If this decision to stay in Jehovah's canal really takes hold and the new light doesn't darken immediately, my clearing up attempte will of course be extremely effective. But then it wonŽt be as easy as before. Because the almost idiotic seeming immediate purging of the Jehovah's Witnesses had the subjective advantage that the matter was always quickly over. What a celebration it will be when the situation as it was at the beginning is finally restored. At last the confrontations will be permanent again and will have the best possible effect on the passers-by who are warned against the false doctrine of the Watchtower Society. It is exciting to see whether the enlightenment of Jehovah's Witnesses in this matter will last. For the level of enlightenment in a permanent confrontation of the Watchtower lie with the truth far surpasses any cost of profit.

The Altpoerteler Witness of Jehovah by the way surprisingly also maintained the new enlightenment. Has the Watchtower Authority not considered its decision at the time to recommend fast towers to its unpaid personnel? How can one call oneself an organization and make such stupid and unorganized decisions? Or is the wrong decision, which has an effect down to the lowest floors, just the sign for an organization? Real Christians, who are not organized, but have their own relationship to Jesus Christ, cannot have such a thing happen. When the Pope takes back the lies about the Immaculate Conception of Our Lady, every Catholic must recognize that he belongs to only one organization, but has nothing to do with God. In the same way, Jehovah's Witnesses should recognize from the uncoordinated and downright stupid instructions of their leadership that they belong to only one human umma. (Umma (Arabic أمة , DMG Umma) refers in the area of Islam to a community which, like a people or a nation, reaches beyond the framework of a tribe or clan. In the narrower sense the term is used for the religiously founded community of Muslims.)

What will happen, if in Wiesloch not only the old Jehovah's Witnesses, who have been hitherto hitherto burned out, burned out and made only of pelle and rubber, endure their sermon service eternities, but also the still feeling and thinking Jehovah's Witnesses try to endure the pressure of confrontation between their lies and the truth to the limit? Many of them have been avoiding the confrontation in the last few months by quickly seeking the distance. How many police will be called back in Wiesloch? Does the new infiltration of the Wiesloch police department by Watchtower-Obere have anything to do with the fact that suddenly the Jehovah's Witnesses are supposed to stand nailed up again? And if I stand with my kippa in front of Jehovah's Witnesses in the pedestrian zone and am not stabbed by a Muslim, will Angela Merkel realize that it was pointless to bring so many Islamists to Germany? Does Angela Merkel work for the Watchtower Society? That cannot be. But that the power of Angela Merkel might be supported by Freemasonry, I think is plausible. She has decided too much in the sense of this worldwide brotherhood, from which the Watchtower religion also emerged.

The Altpoertel Jehovah's Witness, as already mentioned above, simply stopped against expectations and did not pile up. For many months the highest culture of these Altpoertel apologists of Jehovah was the wild towers and the silent cry: "We are the persecuted! We are the persecuted!" All the more astonishing was today, which gave me a good time of enlightenment and warning of the commuters at Wiesloch-Walldorf station and the passers-by in Speyer. Until five to ten the shy Something of Jehovah remained in its place and the people were amazed. A group of 4 or 5 people came by and when they were over I heard a woman's voice behind me: "Anti, anti,". She didn't immediately remember the name of the website when she told her people that I was running this website. It's very nice that things get around and even such worldwide lying organizations like the Watchtower Society can't change it anymore.

Isn't it an insane breakthrough when the Watchtower Society finally realizes that someone who pretends to possess the truth doesn't immediately disappear when someone reproaches him for his actions? How high must one estimate the fact that the Watchtower Society had to learn from one person plus Renate and Juergen and Dr. Staack and family that it can only carry out the victim role by accepting the greatest possible loss of credibility? What kind of religion does it take many months to realize that the artificial victim situation cannot always and everywhere be used to deceive people? How much space is in a brain that takes so long to remember? It is the brain of a Jehovah God who directs the Watchtower Channel. After all the experiences of direct confrontation, this God presents himself as a God whose brain cannot be bigger than a pea.

If we leave out these considerations, then the serial murder by a human blood prohibition that is not in the Bible, the organized protection of tens of thousands of Watchtower child molesters, the organized deception about Jesus Christ and a world full of public prosecutors who see nothing and hear nothing remains. To roll these things up, first power politicians like Angela Merkel must be removed from office, then the media must be released again, then Masonicism in the EU must be investigated and if possible exposed. Only then will it be possible for public prosecutors finally to get to the bottom of the Watchtower Society's serial murder.

There's still a lot to do. Let's wait and see.

All men become brothers. Some at the construction crane and others in the harem.


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