Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 230

Ecumenism supports Jehovah – Charismatic woman angry

... so angry that the spit flies

All I wanted to do was buy a new backpack in Bruchsal. But there were the Jehovah's Witnesses as finely set up as for the anniversary barbecue event. Only the free beer barrels and the anniversary were missing. And the sausages.

In addition to the many normal contacts, there are confrontations that do not fit into normality. A woman came up to me in wavy lines, indicating that she had to overcome herself at least twice. Then she exclaimed: "That's not true!" She almost knocked the sign out of my hand with her index finger, on which it was written: "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed to death". The woman chased away at a goose step, so that I could only call out to her that the Watchtower Society had not taken legal action against this claim for years. Why does she fail to do so?

It is a fact that the Watchtower Society has filed massive lawsuits for even the smallest things. Why does it do nothing when this hard fact of bleeding murders is publicly upheld? The answer is simple. She realizes that such a court case can backfire and is very likely to backfire. Because it can be proven that the Watchtower Society organizes hospital liaison committees that manipulate the bleeding patient until he is finally dead. It can also be proven theologically that the Watchtower Society designed its blood doctrine only to allow people to die. Jehovah's Witnesses drink blood like all humans do and no blood at all. And when blood is donated, no life is taken that could be given back to God.

The woman disappeared on the horizon and it was clear that she was not at all interested in reconsidering her statement. – Are they paid troublemakers who appear like that?

Similarly, a couple coming from behind suddenly stood in front of me and the woman began to insult me terribly. Her statement can be summarized as follows: But those who make peace should be called children of God. But what I would do was a provocation! The woman constantly touched her own nose to tell me that I had nothing to do with the affairs of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Since this woman and her companion with a big hat were also very fast looking for the distance, I could not give an answer. I'll get the answer here: What I publicly hold in high esteem are simple, simple, clear facts. If these facts are provocative, it is not my fault. The Watchtower Society could have these allegations forbidden to me by court order with little effort. It does not. Why does the Watchtower Society have to endure this tragic dilemma? Because it actually religiously ensures that as many people as possible are separated from Jesus and then, if possible, physically brought to death.

The danger is far too great that this artificial killing religion is legally recognized and confirmed as such. Then a myriad of bleeding murders would have to be rolled up.

The "peacemaker" woman must have been a charismatic. So much I know of the "Christian" scene. When charismatics stagger extatically praying, they let themselves be filled with anything by the leaders of charismatic movements and easily dispose of their money. Unfortunately, being a true Christian is rarely or never part of the fillings given to charismatics. One component that is the main food in charismatics is the green-left peace, joy, egg cake ecumenism, which works under Catholic leadership and non-participation. Ecumenism was initiated and introduced by a Freemason and aims to bring all religions into line.

But Jesus is not a religion at all and everyone who trusts in Jesus does not need a religion. For this reason, the ecumenism which returns all religions to Catholicism is always first directed against Christians who say simple facts. The simple Christian is the worst enemy of Catholicism and ecumenism. Charismatics are attuned to ecumenism and their Christianity, according to the angry announcement of the woman, becomes true not through Jesus, but through their peacemaking achievements. This also includes the willingness to knock down someone who only holds up a sign on which a fact is written down.

I was able to experience this very closely today and, of course, the effect of ecumenism is even more evident to me through this experience.

Background of ecumenism

Ecumenism should first reconcile Christian confessions. Here, as in politics, compromise after compromise is sought at the expense of truth. The next stage of ecumenism is the so-called Abrahamitic ecumenism, which wants to cook a pious mush of Christians, Jews and Muslims. After that and in the end there is the Adamic ecumenism, which already at the beginning of Freemasonry was a big part of the plan. All men are brothers, nothing distinguishes them. At this point the final persecution of Christians becomes real.

It is a real joy to publicly stand up for the truth that Jesus Christ is.


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