Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 226

Jehovah's Witnesses have the Power

Exercising faith is exercising power with Jehovah's Witnesses.

Can anyone be lucky? Or can you exercise conviction? Can anyone exercise emotion? Can anyone exercise faith? No, no one can. Only Jehovah's Witnesses can do that. Jehovah's Witnesses are said to practice faith.

Some Catholics are said to be practicing Catholics. With it they announce that they carry out the rites of the Catholic religion. Religion can be practiced. But faith is nothing that anyone can practice. Only Jehovah's Witnesses supposedly can. The Watchtower Society has managed to establish Jehovah's Witnesses that a person can exercise faith. Jehovah's Witnesses do not realize that this so-called practice of faith only means the fulfillment of the Watchtower organization's requirements.

If a person could exercise health or illness, it would also be possible to exercise faith. Jehovah's Witnesses are so twisted in their thinking that they actually believe that one can practice faith. The term "exercising faith" can be found in every Watchtower and in every book published by the Watchtower Society. This term is a vehicle for presenting Watchtower propaganda as a religious practice. In this way, the Watchtower Society has already won many processes revolving around the seduction of the Watchtower Doctrine. The Watchtower Society has elevated mass propaganda to the practice of faith so that it has a free hand everywhere and in all things and cannot be legally prosecuted.

Jehovah's Witness in Speyer approached me directly and ordered me to stay 30 meters away. The man did not even realize that he was exercising imaginary power in the "exercise" of Jehovah's faith in the usual way. The man stood in front of me and believed that he had the right to exercise power over me. This is exactly what happens within the Jehovah's Witness assemblies. The superior exercise power over the inferior and thereby achieve the unification of all. Those who do not bow to this exercise of power do not exercise faith and must be excluded. Exclusion is the final use of power by Jehovah's Witnesses to Jehovah's Witnesses. Exclusion brutally demonstrates to the "apostate" that only Jehovah's Witnesses have power.

With the practice of exclusion, the Watchtower Society has already carried out so many cleansings of its followers and one has the feeling as an observer that the Watchtower Society attaches less importance to growth than to the unrestricted exercise of power.

This great feeling of power is the spiritual-psychic axis around which the lives of Jehovah's Witnesses revolve. So it happens that a Jehovah's Witness gives police instructions from the blue haze to someone who dares to hold up warning signs near him. I replied to the man that I had already been asked to keep a distance of 250 meters in Bruchsal. Then he ordered me to keep a distance of 250 metres.

However, he had stepped on me and not me, and so I asked him how I could keep a distance of 30 meters if he approached me. Only at this point was this man's brain really active again and he withdrew to call the police. However, the police must have given him a refusal on the phone, because there was peace.

I won't let myself down to that level.

During our conversation, I reproached Jehovah's Witness for the Watchtower Society's deliberate planning and organization of murders by pulling a blood doctrine on the hair and not only letting people die, but even organizing hospital liaison committees that systematically manipulate the person in whom the will to live may have flared up once again. The Jehovah's Witnesses, who need a blood transfusion to save them and do not categorically reject it, are influenced by these Watchtower Committees until they "voluntarily" die. This is murder.

Jehovah's Witness called out twice: "I won't let myself down to that level!" Isn't that gross? The man is deeply involved in a religion that produces the dead like beheading Islam, but screams at me that he will not let himself down to the level of acknowledging the facts associated with it. This is the practice of the Watchtower faith.

The response in Speyer today was astonishingly high, as it was a week ago. The facts that I accuse with my raised signs of Jehovah's Witnesses are easily recognized as definitely true facts. These facts stop the wordy argumentation of the Watchtower Society, even though no public prosecutor in the world recognizes and prosecutes the religious murder of the Watchtower Society as such. Jehovah's Witnesses and all other people immediately realize that these accusations are justified. So many can be warned about the Watchtower Society.

It remains to be hoped that the underage Jehovah's Witness girl will at some point wonder why she should remain in a religion that, like Islam, produces the dead, mentally or physically mutilated and disabled. But there is also hope that her father will recognize which wrong path he has taken. Let us hope that the mother switches on her brain. In most Jehovah's Witness families, the mother is the iron-hard driving force.

Jehovah's Witnesses compete with the poor

A man who was improving his income by collecting empties from garbage cans told me a lot about the habits of the Speyer Jehovah's Witnesses. The end of his stories was the experience of an older Jehovah's Witness couple snatching empties from the trash cans in front of his nose. When the empties collector asked Jehovah's Witness if Jehovah wasn't the one who hated avarice, she replied: "You have no idea!" While the empties collector had the discussion with Jehovah's Witness, her Witness Jehovah's husband in the vicinity emptied all the trash cans.

There you can get a feeling for what it means for Jehovah's Witnesses to practice faith. The exercise of power dominates everything that Jehovah's Witnesses are and do. Thus Jehovah's Witnesses are so deeply rooted in this world that all their assertions that they are not a part of this world are exposed as lies. The Watchtower religion is a strategy set up by Freemasons to make faith in Jesus repugnant. The Watchtower religion has many characteristics that can also be found in Catholicism and Islam. The Antichrist works multi-layered and with a lot of lies. Jehovah's Witnesses are a part of it.


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