Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 413

Walldorf: Hometown of the six-year-old bleeding to death

Jehovah's Witnesses are harmless.

At the Walldorfer Kreuz 5 kilometers traffic jam! You can hear that on the radio from time to time. In this Walldorf lived the six-year-old, who had to die because of the Watchtower human blood prohibition, which does not exist in the Bible at all. Last Saturday the Jehovah's Witnesses simply claimed: "Tis know we not at all." That will have even corresponded to the truth, because the bleeding successes of the Watchtower Society are not hung on the big bell in the near vicinity. Sometimes there is a proud report in the Watchtower about 10 to 20 youths who let themselves bleed to death for Jehovah. But in the immediate vicinity of those bled to death under Watchtower supervision, everything remains beautifully unknown. They don't want to worry their accomplices in the serial murder unnecessarily.

Walldorf consists for the most part of very historic new buildings. It is a city that has only recently become rich through the SAP company. The owner of this company also has his own football club. Hoffenheim. Walldorf was very friendly to me today. Last Saturday a drunken man in Walldorf threatened me so badly that I escaped with my signs. Jehovah's Witnesses had enjoyed it. Today, however, everything was peaceful and the Jehovah's Witnesses were totally harmless.

Jehovah's Witnesses really don't know what they're doing or who they're really serving. Nobody tells them that a ban on human blood is only possible if God has allowed human flesh to be eaten beforehand. Of course, the Watchtower Society does not tell them that the human flesh permit, which does not exist in the Bible, forces another motive for the Watchtower ban on human blood. What would that look like if the Governing Body were to reveal its true motive? "Uh, we would like to murder people and use a religious rule that doesn't exist in the Bible, but which unfortunately is the only way for us to commit religious serial murder." Then the Hitler uniform wearers with black ties, as seen today in Walldorf, would presumably very quickly become reasonable and would never again advertise the murder.Org!

Except for this man, who almost looked like an SS man and also became impudent and insulting, all Jehovah's Witnesses in Walldorf were very kind. They cared a lot about little things like paper lying around, drinking bottles, bananas and had no eye for the message: "Only cannibals can be banned from human blood! So the Watchtower Jehovah is "God" only a cannibal god! But grinning funny and showing themselves off, they succeeded well and they were so pleased. Funny, funny trallala, juchheissassa and jump again. Oh how nice that I do not know that I advertise diligently for serial murder! That's how the spiritual position of Jehovah's Witnesses unfortunately has to be presented. That's their happiness: not knowing who they got involved with.

As I stood in front of Jehovah's Witnesses sitting comfortably on the bench, I discovered a group of Jehovah's Witnesses at the back of the parking lot, which I took with my super-zoom camera. Renate had already accidentally photographed the eleventh and twelfth rows of roof tiles of some roofs in Speyer. Now the purchase of this Super Zoom camera paid off and I enjoyed photographing the secret crisis council of Jehovah's Witnesses.

Unfortunately, I have to make the faces unrecognisable to the public, but I may mention that the expression on the face of the 14-year-old boy involved in the crisis council was very evil. He pulled his mouth crooked like someone who wants to express all his hatred. I mention this to illustrate the wickedness of the Watchtower religion as vividly as possible. Jehovah's Witnesses educate their children to the worst hatred, which they must hide perfectly behind a friendly facade.

So as I realized that the Jehovah's Witnesses in Walldorf would stay very dear, this beautiful realization was joined by the good feeling of not being aggressively attacked by the rest of the population. People approached me friendly and with time I got a better and better feeling. Even after the Jehovah's Witnesses had returned to their offside benches after quite a short time, I refrained from visiting them and walked a few times across the church square with raised signs and then through the adjacent pedestrian zone.

Natanahalynia, Natylanahylia! No police car bored its way through the capital (Frei after Helge Schneider). Instead of the usual attacks of the Jehovah's Witnesses (even calling the police) I experienced the exact opposite today in Walldorf! The people were amazed and looked at and I stood with my message so in the center that I immediately recognized the addiction potential of this drug. I have never experienced so much attention and such a trusting devotion. I really must compliment the people of Walldorf. You are really open, friendly people! Maybe that's why it's all the more important to warn you about the Murder.Org Watchtower Society.

In the pedestrian zone of Walldorf I only met a delicious ice cream and two patrol witnesses of Jehovah's running away. They were so fast that they became very small on the horizon and I had to use my Super Zoom camera again. The day was beautiful. And the SS-man-like Jehovah's Witness was just a little bad slip.

Dear Walldorfer, until 30 January 2018 you had a fellow citizen who unfortunately had to die of the Watchtower blood doctrine at the age of six on this day. For you this is not a great loss, because you did not know him and could not know him at all. But for the six-year-old who was killed by the Watchtower murder strategy, it is a great loss. He couldn't get to know you all anymore, didn't get to know Walldorf, got married, started a family and so on. When I then see Jehovah's Witnesses, the serial murder accomplices, with the slogan "What makes families happy!" egging around, I get a little sick. My point is that you open your eyes. Pay attention to yourself and to your children!

Considering how strategically the Mord.Org Watchtower Society takes legal action against every little thing, it is very surprising that it does nothing about the following two public statements:

  • Six-year-old from Walldorf dies of Watchtower blood doctrine
  • Jehovah's Witnesses let bleed to death

There is only one conclusion left: Both statements are true and a trial of these statements would be the worldwide end of this prophet of lies.

I will certainly try many times in Walldorf to bring this subject closer to the Jehovah's Witnesses.


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