Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 54

Jehovah's Witnesses not steadfast in Wiesloch

What a religion! Its representatives flee like caught thieves!

The behavior of Jehovah's Witnesses is becoming more and more embarrassing. They certainly don't read this website, otherwise they wouldn't have made this fatal decision to always go out like caught thieves as soon as someone shows up and upholds a fact from their teachings. The embarrassment of this religion is possibly the subject of discussion and conversation with acquaintances and relatives in a manageable city like Wiesloch. Therefore, it is possible that Jehovah's Witnesses from Wiesloch have learned through third parties that their religion has massively lost prestige in Wiesloch. And not only that! Could it be that people are laughing about this religion in the meantime, because every wretch who has walked along can make accusations that hit Jehovah's Witnesses to the core?

A Jehovah's Witness stood before the Volksbank. I took a photo of the pedestrian zone and the Jehovah's Witness had already noticed me at that moment. I serenely pulled the slogans of my current choice out of my backpack and went to the opposite point to line up. At that very moment, Jehovah's Witness walked away and I walked away with the shield "Jehovah's Witnesses bleed people to death for their God! Religious murder!" All the way after her. Her destination was a Jehovah's Witness at the lower end of the path, there at the Schlecker branch. The man also left immediately and rescued himself in the savings bank. I didn't see where the witness disappeared to.

The whole action had something of a scene in an agent thriller. People on the black market flee collectively in certain situations. Vampires disintegrate at the sight of the sun. Fraudsters shy away from the police. Criminals don't like to venture out of cover. At some point, the mendacity flies up on its own. Satan is defeated and flees every Christian. The reaction of the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch to my appearance has very clear characteristics which indicate that they all know very well or suspect that they are attached to a false God and are basically speculating only on the world domination plans of the Watchtower Society. And although many of them must have had doubts in the meantime, they perform an organized stall magic with their human seduction, that one can only shake one's head about it.

The Jehovah's Witnesses will think for years about how somebody could have done such a thing to them with simple cardboard signs. They certainly won't talk about it collectively, but they won't talk about it in private exchange that a single Christian with a few sayings could so easily take away the hard-line legitimacy of the servant religion of Catholicism, informally but quite practically. What the state quickly blessed in its hopeless neoliberality and masonic European bondage was exposed in the pedestrian zone as fraud and devilish human annihilation.

The machinery of mental unification retreats in Wiesloch

Those who are not fast enough on the trees will be collected and taken away in spiritual handcuffs. Jehovah's Witnesses are so bold in Wiesloch that they have actually grazed the field to the point that their Jehovah God can be satisfied with their cheeky speeches (forcing passers-by into conversation). On the other hand, the Jehovah troop at Wiesloch is so semisilky and easy to see through that there could probably be quite a few passers-by who have become accustomed to seeing the Jehovahists and are more likely to miss them when they disappear. The weird religionist with the strangely always false prophecy of God and the mothers bled to death for religious reasons in the maternity wards are simply missing in the Wiesloch cityscape when they disappear. The wild figures, dressed up, know-it-all, toddly defiant, sometimes hidden under wigs, then again housewives-honest, trustful and shirt-sleeved affable, all these human tragedies of spiritual conformity are currently withdrawing from Wiesloch's public life as seduction machines.

The fact that this development is only a snapshot cannot be denied. Such a testimony of poverty, which the Jehovah's Witnesses in Wiesloch give about their religion, will at some point have to stop the leading body of the Watchtower Society in order not to sustainably lose its laboriously lied image. Either by eliminating the causative person or by a new strategy that all Jehovah's Witnesses must follow. Today's action was a 3-minute act and far too short to educate people about the fatal antichristism of the Jehovah religion. In this respect, the escape behavior of the Watchtower Seducers is meaningful enough to make it difficult for the Governing Body to invent a more meaningful variant. The pressure of reason on the religious farce of Jehovahism becomes so apparent in such small actions that the ruling elite will have problems thwarting this looming demise of their artificial religion.

However, I am only concerned with preventing the temptation to think in terms of watchtowers in individual cases. Perhaps this or that Jehovah's Witness will also have to take note of his mistakes and answer to his own conscience. But the big connection is the attention to the people who are to be supplied with one-sided information. The whole truth must be told. This is the point that the Watchtower Society will never be able to prevent.

Important note for Jehovah's Witnesses!


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