Watchtower Society – Clarification No. 164

Wiesloch pedestrian zone: Jehovah's battlefield

Jehovah's Witnesses fight doggedly for Her Highness in the pedestrian precinct of Wiesloch.

Jehovah's Witnesses have hardly ever looked at the texts I hold up with my signs since the beginning of my actions. In this way, they avoid running red and ducking away. Somehow you have to defend what you have been calling "the truth" for years against what comes across as a simple fact easily recognizable to all people. The fantasy religion of the Watchtower Society can only be defended by stubbornness and spiritual self-disregard. Jehovah's Witnesses embarrass themselves in the pedestrian zone. They would not endure this embarrassment if they thought about the facts of their religion.

Jehovah's Witnesses prefer to rely on arguments that have always been regarded as divine. It's about perfect organization. Jehovah's Witnesses feed themselves and their stubbornness on the perfect organization and do not ask for the works that this perfect organization produces. This is strongly reminiscent of the NSDAP. By deifying the Watchtower organization, Jehovah's Witnesses are not only similar to fascists, but they are fascists. Anyone who idolizes an organization has absolutely entered fascism. In this state no more facts and facts are thought about, but only with all power the objective of the organization is pursued. And even with the pacifist Jehovah's Witnesses this amounts to ice-cold murder. To the finely organized murder to the end by bleeding to death. The Watchtower religion is a death religion.

Of course, I have various doubts as to whether the confrontation of Jehovah's Witnesses really must be. Questions come to my mind as well: "Don't passers-by ever react annoyed?" and self-reproaches like: "You reach the Jehovah's Witnesses after all as well as not like that." My self-confidence is often wafer-thin. And yet when a Jehovah's Witness is seen, there is immediately a clear awareness that it is absolutely right to confront these people with their own lies.

Today I remembered my fly swatter, because as soon as Jehovah's Witnesses left the front, the next ones were already behind. Phenomenal! It really is as it says in the Watchtower Society's Book of Revelations. Jehovah's Witnesses are the grasshoppers from the abyss who inflict pain on a third of humanity with their scorpion spines. The Watchtower Society openly and audaciously equates Jehovah's Witnesses with these pests who emerge from the underworld to harm a third of all people. And the "large crowd", as Jehovah's Witnesses call themselves, does not notice this satanic connection. They "study" the books of the Watchtower Society and not a single one of them recognizes that he is a locust from the abyss, thus belonging to the destructive forces announced for the Last Days.

Once you have your people as far as Hitler has his SS and SA and as far as the Mord.Org Watchtower Society has its large crowd, then you can openly speak the truth about yourself without expecting a critical reaction. Anyone who has really made himself at home in fascism will never get out of this warm nest of mental and spiritual numbness. At this stage ethical values are no longer present or are strongly shifted into evil. Elite thinking at this point leads to murder and manslaughter. Jehovah's Witnesses actually form hospital liaison committees that influence bleeding but willing Jehovah's Witnesses until they accept their own swift death. This organized killing by manipulation has not yet been investigated by any public prosecutor in the world. The fascism of Jehovah's Witnesses comes in religious garb and murders silently. Not a single judge, not a single public prosecutor, not a single member of the judiciary has been made aware of the continuing murder of the Watchtower Society.


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